Common Sources Of Water Damage For Homes

Restoring your home after it has sustained water damage will be essential for limiting the scope of this damage. Unfortunately, there are many different potential sources of water damage that could create problems for your home.

Frozen Pipes That Rupture

When pipes in your home freeze, they will be far more likely to rupture. Once they rupture, very large amounts of water will be able to spill out, which can rapidly flood large sections of the house. If you have reason to believe that one or more of the pipes in your home's plumbing has frozen, you should turn off the water supply valve. This will limit the amount of water that can leak out as the ice melts.

Substantial Leaks Into The Basement

Water leaking into the basement can be another source of this damage occurring to the home. Unfortunately, this is a source of water damage that homeowners may assume that they are powerless to prevent. In reality, waterproofing services will effectively reduce the ability of water to seep into this part of the house. If your basement has suffered water damage recently, it will need to be repaired before the waterproofing work can be completed.

Flash Flooding

Flash flooding is another common source of water damage throughout a home. When your home has suffered damage due to flash flooding, water damage services should be retained as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the house may suffer significant structural damages that may prevent your family from being able to live in the house for many months as repairs are made. Opening the windows and drying the interior can help to lessen the damage that occurs as you are waiting for the water damage services to arrive at your home to begin the restoration work. To keep the response time short, it can be advisable to retain an emergency water damage service, as they may be able to arrive at your home in hours to complete the repairs.

Seemingly Small Plumbing Leaks

Small plumbing leaks can develop on the pipes under sinks and between walls. When a small leak develops, the water damage that it could cause may seem minor. Yet, it is possible for small leaks to lead to considerable localized water damage over the course of time. For example, these leaks can provide an ideal amount of water to support large mold colonies and to rot wooden surfaces. After a plumber has repaired the leaking pipe, a water damage restoration service should be retained to inspect the extent of the damage that occurred from the leak before it was repaired.

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