Top Signs Your Hydraulic Jack Needs Repair

Hydraulic jacks are commonly used for lifting heavy loads. Many people find them to be better than mechanical or electrical jacks because they're light, effective, easy to use, and they don't take up too much space. Of course, as is the case with any type of jack, you do occasionally have to worry about having problems. If there is a problem with your hydraulic jack, then you will need to contact a qualified professional to repair it. These are a few top signs that it might be time to have repairs done to your hydraulic jack.

It's Been Overheating

Although hydraulic jacks do have a lot of benefits, one downside in comparison to other types of jacks — such as electrical or mechanical jacks — is the fact that they are more prone to overheating. Although this is true overall, there could be a problem with your hydraulic jack if you have noticed that it's been overheating more than usual. There might be an oil leak that is causing it to overheat, for example.

There's an Obvious Oil Leak

Even if your hydraulic jack has not been overheating, there's still a chance that it might have an oil leak. In some cases, this type of problem is pretty obvious. You might notice an unpleasant odor around your hydraulic jack, which could be attributed to oil that has been leaking out. When performing a pre-use inspection of your hydraulic jack, you might have noticed oil around the seals or on the floor. If so, this could be because there is a damaged seal that needs to be replaced, or something on your hydraulic jack might be rusty. A professional can verify that you are, in fact, dealing with an oil leak, can find the source of the leak, and will help with repairing the problem.

It's Making a Lot of Noise

Hydraulic jacks that are working properly shouldn't make too much noise. You might have noticed that your hydraulic jack is especially noisy when you attempt to use it. If you have noticed that your hydraulic jack is making scrubbing noises, it could be because of frame damage that is causing some of the components of your hydraulic jack to rub together. If you have noticed a squeaking noise, on the other hand, it could be because one of the wheels or related components needs to be replaced.

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