Four Pro Guidelines to Follow for the Best Results in Water Damage Restoration

Everyone has dealt with some degree of water damage in their home or business premises at some point. While water is essential for running all household activities, sometimes leaks, burst pipes, and dripping faucets lead to water damage in the home. Water damage could also come from floodwater after a storm. You want to remove the excess water as fast as possible and clean up the house when it happens. However, you also need to understand the risks associated with stagnated water in the house. Here are four pro tips to help you to handle restoration after water damage. 

Wear Protective Gear

Water damage comes from countless sources and falls into different categories. Clean water is fresh from the faucet and has the least risk. On the other hand, gray water comes from washing machines, hot water tanks, and other plumbing fixtures. Blackwater is water that has backed up from the sewer or flood water. You should wear protective gear when handling all types of water because you might not know how contaminated it is. 

Shut Off the Main Water Supply

Quick action reduces the extent of the damage you will suffer and prevents the development of mold, rot, and other related damage. Your first step in the process should be shutting off the main water supply valve. It will be crucial to shut off your water from the mains if the damage is from a burst pipe, as this will stop the flooding. After shutting off the water source, you can start the cleaning process. 

Turn Off the Power Source

Water damage can quickly lead to other safety hazards. As you turn off the main water supply, you should also look for the source of electricity in the home and switch it off. The interaction between floodwater and electricity never ends well. Besides, anyone who tries getting into the house to start the mitigation process is at risk of electrocution. Only enter the place when the power is off.

Call the Restoration Team

You should call the water damage restoration experts when you have handled the crucial first steps in the process. They have the right equipment and techniques to restore the home to its condition before the damage. They will move your valuables and start the cleanup and mitigation process. 

The easiest way to manage water damage in your home is by involving a water damage restoration expert in the process. They will dry out the area, clean up the waste and restore the house to its former status.

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