Where To Find Signs You Need To Repair A Roof

Roofing repair work can help you avoid a slew of potentially costlier problems with a house. However, you need to know where to look for problems so you can know when to call a roofing repair service contractor. Even if you're not inclined to get on a ladder and check the roof directly, there are a few ways you can still identify potential signs of roofing problems.

Visual Inspection of the Roof

Many serious repair issues are evident visually, even if you're looking from the ground. Sagging is a common problem, and it can lead to the pooling of water, ice, or snow. If you see a spot on the roof where precipitation always takes longer to dry, there's a chance it is sagging because the underlying materials are compromised. Especially if you see sagging at the peak of the roof, creating a saddleback effect, you should contact a roofing repair service company to check it out.

Similarly, you should look for the growth of moss or mildew on the roof. If there are visible green patches on the roof, they may come from stuff finding enough water to live in.

You will also want to look for signs of missing shingles. If you see a dark square patch on the roof, a shingle may be missing. Always perform a visual inspection of the roof after every severe storm, even if it was just windy.


A damaged roof can also act as a gateway for pests to get into the house. This is especially the case with animals you might commonly see in trees, such as birds and squirrels. If you hear animals in the attic, for example, that may be a sign there's a hole letting them in. Even if the problem isn't in the roof, there's likely a hole somewhere else that still needs a contractor's attention.

Stained Ceilings or Walls

Even a tiny leak can permit water to slowly get into a house's structure. As the water spends time in the house, it may leave behind stains. These often appear on ceilings and walls, especially in homes with lighter-colored interior paint jobs.

Foundation Issues

It might sound surprising that evidence of a roofing repair problem could emerge this far from the top of the house. However, a damaged roof sometimes encourages water to get into the foundation rather than directing it away. If a house has foundation damage, you should check whether the source of the problem may be at the top.

Contact a roofing repair service to learn more. 

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