Commercial Steel Door Problems That Warrant Professional Repairs

Commercial steel doors have a lot of benefits, such as being fire-resistant and providing exceptional security. If you have these doors on your property, you may run into a couple of issues with them over the years. Here are some that should be addressed by door repair companies.

Frame Damage

Even though commercial steel doors have durable frames that give them added stability, they can still get damaged. If it's enough to cause performance issues with these doors, then you need to hire a commercial steel door repair company whenever you get the chance.

They can fix damaged steel frames using industry-standard repair protocols. They may need to adjust the frames to where they're even again or even replace sections that are severely damaged. A professional repair will keep framing issues from getting worse over time and ultimately allow you to use your commercial doors smoothly again.

Development of Rust

If your commercial steel doors are really old or don't have a weatherproof coating on them, then rust can eventually develop. In order to treat it and thus stop it from spreading, you'll want to hire a commercial steel door repair company in your area.

They'll identify all instances of rust, whether it's on the framing, handles, or doors directly. They can use the appropriate rust-removal products and scrub them thoroughly using wire brushes until the rust is completely gone. They can also put a protective coating on your commercial steel doors to make them less prone to rust in the future. 

Movement Issues

Commercial doors made out of steel are great investments, but they need to be able to move correctly in order to remain so. If you're having trouble with these doors around your property—such as the doors sticking from time to time—then it's a good idea to hire a commercial steel door repair company.

They can manipulate these doors back to where they move smoothly on a consistent basis again. That might involve adjusting the frames, raising the doors up, or adding better hinges on the side that allow for smoother movement.

If you have commercial steel doors on your property, you may face a couple of issues with them that you're not capable of solving. You can always hire a professional company that specializes in steel doors whenever complications surface. Their repair approaches and resources can save you from having to replace these doors completely.  

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