Reefer Repairs: Do You Need Repairs For Your Truck's Refrigerated Truck?

If you operate and own a food factory, you may use refrigerated trucks to deliver your goods. But if the trailer of one of your trucks doesn't stay cold or get cold enough to protect your products, you could quickly lose business and revenue. In this case, you need to find refrigerated truck repair services fast. Learn why you need refrigerated truck repairs for your trailer below. 

What's Wrong With Your Refrigerated Truck?

Many food factories rely on refrigerated semi-trucks called reefers to transport and deliver their perishable goods to grocery stores and other retailers around the United States. The cold storage units or trailers attached to reefer trucks must reach and maintain a specific temperature to keep frozen food, meat products, and other goods from spoiling during transit. However, some cold storage units or trailers can experience temperature-control problems over time. 

A reefer trailer comes with a special HVAC cooling system that regulates the temperature inside it. The system includes a thermostat, a condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator coil. If one of the parts overheats, fails to start up, or even fails, the temperature inside the trailer will plummet. The rising temperature inside your trailer will cause food to thaw, spoil, or melt.

If your trailer's HVAC system does any of the things above, repair your reefer truck and its trailer today.

Where Do You Find Refrigerated Truck Repairs?

You must contact a repair and restoration company that specializes in refrigerated truck repairs. Most reefer trucks use advanced refrigeration systems to operate properly. You need to obtain the services of a repair company that can diagnose and fix your truck's problems right away.

A repair company may be able to provide mobile repairs to you. A company may send repair technicians directly to your factory or worksite. Technicians can run a diagnostic test on your truck's HVAC system to see if they can repair it right away. If the repairs will be simple, such as cleaning the evaporator coil or condenser, technicians may complete the job at your factory.

If your trailer has serious problems with its temperature-control system, technicians will most likely tow or transport your truck and its trailer to their shop. A repair company can run additional diagnostic checks on the truck to see if it has other issues to repair. 

If you need reefer truck repairs soon, contact a refrigerated truck repair company, such as DFW Reefer Repair, for services today.

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