Here Is Why Your Retaining Wall Is Failing

Not only do retaining walls support the loose earth around your home, but they also create beautiful landscaping features. However, retaining walls are susceptible to damage and failure, perhaps due to age or poor retaining wall installation. Some signs of retaining wall failure include:

  • Cracks in the mortar or concrete

  • Cracks along the block or bricks

  • Gaps between the wall and the ground

  • Bulging or leaning of the retaining wall

The first step to rectifying these issues is understanding the potential culprits and the best course of action.

Water Damage

When water seeps into cracks in your retaining wall, the moisture can cause the soil behind the wall to erode. The erosion may eventually lead to the collapse of your retaining wall.

To prevent water damage, keep an eye out for any signs of water infiltration. In addition, ensure that your gutters or downspouts are not leaky by consulting a professional for gutters inspection and repair.

Also, ensure there is no pooling water around the base of your retaining wall. You may also need to install a drainage system around your retaining wall to help redirect water away from the structure.

A retaining wall repair company can assist you with these repairs.

Uncontrolled Plant Growth

Plants can be beautiful additions to any retaining wall. But, if left unchecked, they can also cause severe damage. Roots from trees and shrubs can grow into cracks in your retaining wall, causing the structure to weaken over time.

To prevent plant growth from damaging your retaining wall, regularly trim any growing plants near the structure. You should also remove any dead leaves or debris that could encourage plant growth. Retaining wall repair companies have the expertise in assessing potential plant growth damage in your retaining wall and carrying out the necessary repairs.

Pest Infestation

Termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-destroying insects are particularly troublesome, as they can tunnel through wood retaining walls and weaken the structure. To prevent insect damage, regularly inspect your retaining wall for signs of infestation. These include

  • Small holes in the wood

  • Sawdust near the base of the retaining wall

  • Damage to the retaining wall's supporting posts

If you notice any of these signs, it's time to call a retaining wall repair professional. They'll be able to treat your retaining wall and prevent further damage.

Poor Construction

Poorly built retaining walls are more likely to fail prematurely. To ensure your retaining wall gets built correctly, hire a retaining wall installation contractor. Do your research before hiring anyone, and get multiple quotes to compare prices. Most importantly, look for a contractor with extensive experience installing and maintaining retaining walls.

Above are some risk factors for your retaining wall. If you think your retaining wall might fail, take action quickly and call a local retaining wall repair contractor before it becomes a hazard.

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