Getting A Home Professionally Deodorized After A Fire

The odor after a fire can linger inside a home for a long time and make the environment uncomfortable for the residents. Getting rid of the odor of smoke can seem impossible for a homeowner to accomplish, but it can be done with professional assistance. Professionals are equipped with commercial equipment and knowledge of fires to remove odors in a thorough fashion. There is a process that must be followed to ensure that the odors left behind are removed, and it begins with a professional assessment being conducted. If you need assistance with removing the odors that were left behind in your home after a fire, a restoration company can provide several services that will leave your home clean and deodorized.

Perform an Inspection for Fire Damage

Attempting to deodorize a fire-damaged home is a waste of time if the damaged areas have not been repaired. For example, if the fire burned a large hole in the wall or ceiling, the odor from the flames and smoke will linger in the wood, drywall, or wallpaper. When you hire professionals to deodorize your home, the area that caught fire will be inspected for damage. Before moving on with the deodorization process, the damage will be repaired. The extent of repairs necessary depends on how widespread the fire was and how fast it was extinguished.

Remove Unsalvageable Items

Another step in the deodorization process is to remove fire-damaged items that cannot be salvaged. Keeping such items in your home will contribute to the lingering odor. For example, if a sofa was damaged in the fire, it might be necessary to get rid of it. However, if the burned section of the sofa is small, professionals can possibly salvage it. You are not obligated to remove the fire-damaged items from your home, but it is in your best interest if you want the odor gone.

Thoroughly Clean & Deodorize Your Home

During the final stage of deodorizing your home, everything will be thoroughly cleaned. For example, your clothing, furniture, floors, walls, and areas on the exterior of your home will be cleaned. The detergent that is used by professionals is designed to clean items that are saturated with the odor of smoke and soot. After everything has been cleaned, the air will be deodorized to leave a pleasant scent in your home. Contact a restoration company so your home can undergo fire damage deodorization as soon as possible.

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