Do You Need New Undercarriage Parts In Your Car?

How often do you look underneath your vehicle? How often do you consider what condition its undercarriage parts are in? The undercarriage is considered the belly of your vehicle and it is exposed without a hood or trunk to protect it. However, this isn't normally a concern because it's not like you drive in wheel-high water or mud, or park your car in a way that the undercarriage is left exposed. 

This being said, sometimes the undercarriage parts do need some attention. Your auto expert can tell if your car needs some care and if the undercarriage isn't doing well. However, you can pay attention to your car as well and decide if your vehicle is in need of new undercarriage parts along with some maintenance or repairs. Here are signs your car needs new undercarriage parts. Allow for order times if you have a foreign or luxury car and make arrangements for alternative transportation until your car is fixed.

Your car has parts hanging down

Does your car have parts hanging down? If so, then you should consider taking your car into the shop to see if you need to get new undercarriage parts put on, or if you have to have these parts repaired or taken care of. Your car should not have hanging bits of metal or other parts, and if it does, these parts can drag on the ground and become a problem down the road.

Your car is leaking fluids

With the exception of water from condensation in the air conditioner, your vehicle should not have any active fluid leaks. Any fluids leaking from your vehicle can mean that oil pans or transmission plates are damaged or that there are cracks or holes in fluid lines. Or, it can mean that you have other issues with your car that aren't undercarriage-related, but it does start there for diagnosing. Your auto mechanic will put your car on a lift and see what they can discover regarding your undercarriage needs. Then they will tighten things up, replace loose or broken fittings, and give your car some care so it lasts longer.

Your car has a lot of rust damage

Any car that is exposed to prolonged water damage may experience rusting. If this is the case with your car, take it to a mechanic to have the undercarriage checked out. The undercarriage parts may need to be replaced or repaired to keep rusting from making things much worse.

Contact a local auto repair service to learn more about repairing undercarriage parts.

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