Reasons Professional Water Damage Restoration Is Better Than DIY Solutions

A flood, broken pipe, or other water accidents can catch you off-guard and cause immense damage to your home and property. Your first psychological response would be to salvage your home, but the logical one should be to call a water damage restoration service. The expert is better equipped to assess the damage, fix it, and avert further damage to your home. They use high-grade equipment and years of experience to restore your home to its original state.

Here's how a water damage restoration expert can help you salvage your home. 

Swift Response To Salvage Your Home

Water causes more damage to your home if you allow it to stagnate for too long. The water will seep through your furniture, drywalls, floors, and carpets and weaken them, leaving them susceptible to damage. For instance, if your wooden cabinets take in too much water, they will rot. It'll cost you more to replace those cabinets. Thus, embark on water damage restoration immediately after a flood or a water accident. Furthermore, stagnant water can be a breeding ground for parasites such as mosquitoes and disease-causing bacteria. The longer that water sits in your home, the more hazardous it becomes.

It's better to hire a water damage restoration company to do the job for you. You can try DIY solutions, such as draining the water with mops and vacuum cleaners. However, these will only work temporarily. You'll need an expert to assess and fix the water damage in your home. Water damage restoration services use high-grade equipment to drain water and dry the surfaces in your home. The experts will also assess your home for other potential causes of water damage, such as leaking pipes and broken drainage systems.

Proper Documentation of the Damage

The only way your insurance provider will compensate the damages you incur after a water accident in your home is if you present enough evidence of the damage. Unfortunately, this would be the last thing on your mind as you try to salvage what's left of your home. You might also be unaware of the more severe damage in your home and only document what you can see. As a result, the insurance company will undercompensate you and leave you to pay out of pocket for the other undocumented damage.

However, water damage restoration services have the right equipment and knowledge to document damage correctly. The experts can:

  • Check the ceiling, drywalls, and floors for damage
  • Identify broken water pipes and drains that could cause problems in the future
  • Take clear pictures of damaged furniture and household fixtures
  • Write a clear and detailed report of the extent of damage to present to the insurance company

The water damage restoration experts can even climb up to the roof of your house and check the basement and other forgotten areas to assess the damage thoroughly. They will give you an exhaustive list of all the damaged parts in your home to ensure you get better compensation.

Contact a local water damage restoration service to learn more. 

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