The spiral staircase was invented a long time ago – in the days when fortresses, castles, and towers were built. Spiral staircases were installed in narrow corridors, and a narrow path stretched to the entire height of the tower. Wooden stairs made of wood can be attributed to the most elegant designs because its original appearance makes you admire the product again. The presence of such a design can solve many design and interior issues.

And in the modern world, such structures are often used, most often in cottages and private homes. If you turn to highly qualified engineers and designers, they will be able to build such a staircase. Its design will be original, and this will further give exclusivity to the entire room. The spiral staircase will be a great addition to the design of the house in different styles, especially in the medieval and art Nouveau styles.

spiral staircase in the house

A spiral staircase is usually a column or pillar that spirals up the stairs. If you look at the spiral staircase in disassembled form, you can see a small section of the tubular part, and the steps are welded to it. The ladder is delivered to the installation site in disassembled form, and installation is carried out in the house. Many organizations now provide services for the manufacture and installation of spiral stairs: from metal structures factories to small manufacturing companies.

Elements of a spiral staircase can be made of different materials. The Central support (rack) of the ladder can be made of almost any material, but more often it is made of steel. You can apply an asbestos-cement pipe, and attach steps to it by welding, using coupling fasteners or bolts. The stand can also be made of concrete, brick, stone, or wood.

Railings are made, most often, using glued hardwood, as well as metal or a combination of wood and metal. The steps themselves are made of metal, plastic, glass, or various types of wood, such as beech, oak, and ash.

Spiral staircases can have different design features. Stairs that have external and internal bowstrings in the absence of a support post. This is a rather complex structure, and it will require more space than other types of spiral stairs.

The ladder having the outer string and support leg. These stairs are less convenient than the previous ones, but they are more reliable. In order for the ladder to last a long time, you need to carefully approach fixing the arc-shaped elements of the bowstring. These stairs can be made from a variety of materials.

elegant spiral staircase, does it have any disadvantages

Stairs with cantilevered steps. These stairs are simple in design and do not require much effort during installation. The consoles on which the rest of the steps are supported only on one side.

Stairs that have Central bearing and bearing walls on the outside of the marsh. These stairs are the most convenient but require time-consuming installation. The steps are supported not only in the Central rack but also in the walls. This staircase design will take up the least space.

The main advantage that the spiral staircase has is undoubtedly its compactness. It will take up little space. This is very important if there is not much space in the house. The spiral staircase, unlike the usual one, should not be located near the load-bearing wall, it can be installed even in the center of the room. Also, the advantages include a romantic view of the spiral staircase. It’s so nice. In addition, the spiral staircase is distinguished by its originality. It will undoubtedly attract attention. It is only important that the staircase fits perfectly into the interior and complements it. The design of the stairs can be completely different, so anyone can choose a staircase in the store that is suitable for their interior. In addition, if desired, you can make a spiral staircase yourself with your own hands.

In addition to the advantages of spiral stairs, they also have disadvantages. The most important drawback is the high degree of possibility of injury. The distance between the steps is quite large, and the area of the step itself decreases when approaching the post – all this leads to the fact that a person climbing the stairs may stumble and get injured. Therefore, you need to walk carefully on spiral stairs, looking at your feet. This type of stairs is not recommended if small children live in the house. After all, kids love to run so much. The spiral staircase can be the most dangerous place for them. Also, you should not install such a ladder if the owners of the house often and quickly go down it. These stairs are the best option for people who lead a measured lifestyle, not prone to running around.

a luxurious spiral staircase is one of the ways to emphasize the refined taste in the house

Upon completion of the development of the staircase structure, as well as its installation, you should think about finishing a painting. The beauty of wood material is incomparable, so the main goal will be to position it’s color and texture features favorably. For this purpose, quite often resort to the use of transparent layers of varnish. Before you start applying them, you need to treat the wood cloth with sandpaper, and then with a stain. A good variation will be the varnish for opening packages since it is the least subject to wear. Before painting, you need to eliminate the dust that lingers on the surfaces, you can simply vacuum. In case of failure of the wood structure, it is possible to disguise an opaque coating, for example, nitro enamel, and oil paint. They are also applied in several layers due to the possible uneven drying of the paint.

The process of making spiral wooden stairs is a time–consuming task and requires professionalism and acquired skills in working with wood. If possible, it is better to entrust it to professionals in the industry.