Renovation works are closely intertwined with the process of design of residential space. In the case when a person has never been engaged in this type of work, he may get the impression that this workflow is not characterized by an increased degree of complexity. To avoid the appearance of obvious problems, you can get advice from the designer or independently find solutions to the problems that arise, through trial and error. Or you can go the other way-apply the basic rules of decoration to create your own unique, not like other types of interior design projects for your own home.


Following the main rules of home decoration, you can get a positive result, which will consist of creating a harmoniously designed room.

Fashion trends of interior decoration of the apartment

The first rule is a provision based on the idea of the maximum functionality of the housing. The point should be the need to think through the design, so as not to aggravate the presence of a significant lack of modern residential space, namely, the presence of a small amount of enclosed space. Also, do not rush to the other extreme – to form a large amount of enclosed space on the residential territory. Thus, it is necessary to realize that the atmosphere of your own home should not resemble an exhibition hall with the latest achievements of modern production of furniture and household appliances. It should be remembered that housing is created for people, and not Vice versa.

Rules of apartment interior design and decoration

In the process of planning the interior of an apartment, it is necessary to imagine the everyday side of life that will take place in the created conditions. It is necessary to take special care to think through each of the moments. The process of forming the interior and design of the room should be based on a clear understanding of the future purpose of each room in the residential space.

Within the second rule, the idea is that the aesthetic side should not prevail over the functionality. Of course, the ideal option is a living space that combines convenience and beauty in its design. If you need to choose one direction, we recommend that you choose convenience. This rule should apply to a number of things, such as vases of various shapes, figurines, paintings, and other items belonging to the group of works of art, as well as to a number of those things that act as decorative elements. All this allows you to meet aesthetic needs, and also helps to smooth out some of the shortcomings of the interior of rooms and their individual items. Such a set of items can also give a living space an atmosphere of comfort, set the necessary level of mood, remind pleasant events of life periods, or just look beautiful. Only in the process of decorating a living space with such items, you need to understand your own readiness to constantly maintain their original appearance.

Fashion trends of interior decoration of the apartment

In the third rule, the parameters of purchased items and items correspond to the parameters of a specific home. These settings include the total area of the dwelling, and the size of each component parts, number of rooms, the level of ambient light, degree of protection from climate impacts the natural environment. Also important is the degree of quality of the materials used for construction and the indicator of the technical level of engineering equipment. In the process of designing the arrangement of space for living, it should be taken into account that the indicator of functionality and aesthetics should be in close mutually beneficial contact with the listed parameters. For example, the use of a large washing machine that occupies an area located under the sink may cause inconvenience at the time of washing. A sofa that has a large size, although it has a beautiful appearance, can contribute to cluttering the room in which it is located and occupies a large area. It is not recommended to clutter up your own living space, because it should help you get a break from everyday work and contain a high indicator of comfort and coziness, which all people strive for.

Experienced designers will help you ensure that all the rules of the interior design of your apartment are met.