Basics of new classic interior design in your home

For each person, an important component of life is the appearance of his home, house, apartment. In a cozy, comfortable environment, it is easier to relax, it is more pleasant to rest, it is easier to think and create. You want to return to an apartment with carefully and carefully thought-out furniture, you want to live, love, and work in it, it is the pride of its owner. When choosing an apartment design style, many people face a difficult choice – which direction to choose? Often the choice is made in the direction of popular, fashionable trends, but recently the scales are tipped in favor of the traditional, time-tested option-the the classic style of housing design.

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What is a modern classic style?

The classic-style interior is an example of solemn austerity and laconic clarity. This interior is not subject to the whims of fashion, it charms its elegance and relevance at any time – the apartment will look modern in 5 or even 10 years. This stylistic direction is considered the Golden mean of design, so it is suitable for almost any room.

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Basics of new classic interior design in your home


In order to maintain a single classic style of the room, you must follow a simple set of rules:

– visually, the room should be dominated by classic furniture, luxury items, paintings, dishes, while household appliances should be hidden or be in the background;

– rooms in the apartment should be spacious, not cluttered with objects and furniture, have a classic geometry of space;

– a positive element is the presence of a large number of mirrors and glass, as well as significant window areas;

– furniture must conform to the concept of the room and be made of natural materials;

– textile interior design should also be natural: use linen, cotton, and silk fabrics.

Basics of classic interior design in your home

Interior design in a classic style is distinguished primarily by the clarity of geometric shapes. This rule applies to both spatial frames and the furniture in the room. There are no unnecessary details, the decor is restrained, the walls are plain and smooth, but it is allowed to decorate stucco with plant motifs. Stucco can also decorate the doors and windows of the room. The cottage, made in this style, easily and easily fits into almost any landscape.

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In addition, the classic style is unthinkable without solid wooden furniture, large mirrors in massive wooden frames or frames with stucco, use in the decoration of natural stones, expensive fabrics. All this creates an atmosphere of luxury. But the main thing in the classic style is comfort and coziness. Do not pay excessive attention to luxury and pomp. Your apartment must first of all be comfortable to live in. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve harmony when decorating the interior of a house or apartment.

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Classic style in the interior and finishing materials


Despite the fact that the classics require the use of only natural materials, the appearance of modern and more affordable allowed us to change the overall approach to interior design.

Wall decoration

For walls, white Wallpaper with a vertical pattern is best. Heraldic and plant drawings will be most appropriate. It is preferable to use light shades. The festive atmosphere is achieved by the use of decorative elements. These can be stucco frames on the walls or pilasters. To separate some parts of the walls, you can use darker colors.

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When covering the walls, expensive fabrics are used or they are finished with panels of veneered wood of noble breeds in all rooms or only in one room. Often used and Wallpaper-for painting or smooth paper.

Floor and ceiling finishes

Floors must have a wooden covering — parquet or solid Board is used. Deck laying of parquet is practiced in relatively small rooms. No less popular is another method – “Christmas tree”. The piece art parquet is more suitable for residences than for ordinary housing.

Ceilings are usually simple. They are covered with paint and decorated with stucco details. Interior design in this style also allows the use of suspended or suspended ceilings. In the first case, it is recommended to observe the clarity of geometric shapes, in the second-to choose a canvas with an imitation of painting or ceiling painting. You can use white or cream paint to finish the ceilings. This will have a positive effect on the overall lighting of the rooms.

One of the main features of the classical style is the fragmentation of the ceiling into separate sections using stucco elements. So, in the centermost often have a stucco rosette, and the transition between the walls and ceiling colorfully highlight the stucco cornices. This is true for the entrance hall, hall, study, children’s room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom.

The final element of the classic will be the fireplace in the living room, decorated with stucco elements and natural stone. The best and most interesting examples of projects of apartments, houses, and cottages in the classic style can be found in the photo for this article.

new classic design in the bedroom

Design in a classic style and nuances of lighting


When creating an interior, Central lighting is usually used. This can be either a multi-tiered crystal chandelier or a gilded one, with plafonds – candles or flowers. The main light source is supplemented with floor lamps and sconces with silk shades.

lighting fixtures in a new classic interior

When developing an interior design project, the play of light and shadow in the context of the room is taken into account, so the client is provided with 3D visualization taking this parameter into account. It will also be appropriate to use a luxury wrought-iron chandelier with crystal pendants. It looks luxurious and extraordinary. General lighting can be supplemented with different types of lamps. It is preferable to use table lamps or sconces.

One of the characteristic features of classical design is the use of floral motifs and carved decor in the design of lighting fixtures. In a classic interior, spotlights are used as an addition to the main lighting device. They are often emphasized with crystal pendants or products made of expensive glass varieties. In the design of the hall, the ceiling socket can be “mirrored” to the floor. It will look very elegant and harmonious.

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The color scheme in classic interior design


The color scheme of the classic style varies quite widely, absolute taboo-flashy unnatural colors. Dark wood highlights the soft blue and white. This combination of colors is the most effective. It is especially suitable for decorating a child’s room for a girl. Upholstery in rich colors is recommended for dark wood furniture, but in a room with a wooden floor, there may be slight deviations from this rule. In rooms with insufficient natural light, light colors are preferred, optically increasing the space. Spectacular dark accents on a General white background bring a sense of depth to the interior.

new classic interior design in the children’s room

An integral part of the classic style is the restraint and nobility of the color scheme. The most popular combinations are very light furniture with pastel upholstery, dark furniture with light or bright upholstery-green, blue, terracotta, etc. Among the many colors of upholstery designers distinguish always relevant and comfortable for the classic interior style options-cream, beige, slightly greenish. They are in perfect harmony with natural materials, emphasizing the natural beauty of wood and stone. The black color is better not to use for decoration of rooms.

new classic interior design in the dining room

Conclusion. Classics will always be in demand whether it is an office of a large company, a country house in a traditional style, an elegant restaurant, or an apartment of a wealthy person. Classic furnishings emphasize the owner’s personality, refinement, and good taste. At the same time, the main task of the designer and repair specialists is to achieve such an interior design that functional devices, without which modern life is impossible, do not stand out from the General picture and do not look like an alien object in the room.

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new classic style in the bedroom-comfort and luxury

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