A person spends almost a third of their life in a room designed for recreation. An eight-hour full sleep should definitely be present in our routine, no matter how stressful and intense it is. When designing a bedroom interior, keep in mind the combination of furniture, color shades, curtains, and other decorative items.


How to choose a design for a bedroom of modest dimensions

to choose a design for a bedroom

Organizing comfortable sleeping conditions is not as difficult as it sometimes seems. It doesn’t matter what size of the room was set aside for this purpose. Even a small bedroom will cope with its intended purpose one hundred percent, the main thing is that it will not have a place for fuss and loud sounds. In small rooms sleep today not only the residents of Ukrainian cities, the problem of the tightness and familiar to the Parisians, and Londoners and Beijingers. However, this is why interior designers exist to solve problems related to people living in non-standard apartments. They have come up with so many projects that everyone will choose something suitable for their home.

Choose a style for the bedroom will help the advice of designers. The room of modest dimensions seems to invite the owners to arrange it in one of the rustic styles. You do not need to go to extremes and furnish the room with decorative items that will be found in your grandmother’s chest. But believe me, the dosed use of natural materials can turn your bedroom into a super cozy place in the world.




The task of furnishing a small bedroom is difficult to solve. But the lack of extra space does not relieve you from the obligation to install a bed in the room and a wardrobe for storing clothes. A standard-sized bedroom Suite is unlikely to be suitable for a small room, so consider purchasing individual items. They will not allow you to overcome various obstacles on the way to the dressing table or nightstand. Furniture in light, neutral colors is perfect for small rooms, it does not narrow space. A built-in wardrobe is the best way to save bedroom space. A wardrobe with sliding doors will cope with the role of a Keeper of clothes and bed linen, and a mirrored facade will create the illusion of a large room. The owners need to make sure that the shade of this piece of furniture does not stand out too much against the wall. A good help will be the niche proposed by the layout of the room. It will be able to equip a spacious wardrobe for things.


A bed without legs stands out less from the General background, and this aspect is very important when arranging a small room. It seems that there is more free space above the bed. This technique can be used not only when creating an interior in the Japanese style, but also in a classic bedroom. Choose the shade of the bed so that it is combined with the walls. If you do not need to buy a double bed, take advantage of the opportunity to save another 30-40 cm, and install a one-and-a-half.


Avoid unnecessary interior items that take up floor space. Replace the bedside tables with hanging shelves that need to be securely attached to the walls. Never forget about your safety, because an object that has fallen on your head no longer makes you want to think about the harmony of the situation.





Several built-in wall lamps successfully replace the ceiling chandelier and floor lamp. In a small area, this alternative allows you not to clutter the space with unnecessary items.


We select the interior for women’s and men’s bedrooms

Let’s take a closer look at the design of a bedroom for a young person. When choosing a style, you need to take into account the character of the young man. It just so happens that romantic natures are rare among the stronger sex. But even if this is the case, from the glamorous pink color, soft toys, it is better to abandon in favor of a minimalist style. The role of decorative elements is played by hobby accessories or sports equipment. Men like beds more than sofas. But the fact is that their practicality and eternal employment does not allow you to mess with the folding mechanism, even if it is very simple, twice a day. Presumably, for a young man’s bedroom, you will need to purchase a desktop. It is placed near the outlet that you will need to turn on your laptop or computer. It is noticed that men are more likely than women to take work from home.

men’s bedroom

Tell about the depth of the inner world of the owner of the room will help strange at first glance, decorative details. Their presence will enliven the interior and add a little “pepper”. Dark cold shades are preferable in the design. First, they make the dustless noticeable; second, they give solidity.

The women’s bedroom differs from the men’s in color scheme and style. There is an immediacy here, expressed in the color scheme and a lot of cute trinkets. This does not mean that the room should be painted in a bright pink color, and all the shelves and nightstands should be decorated with Souvenirs, observe the measure in everything. However, the Provence style with numerous embroidered flowers and birds will be one of the most successful variations in the design of the room. The main thing is to have a sufficient number of drawers and shelves for storing appearance care products. Do not miss another important point: the room should have a spacious wardrobe for outfits, in the facade of which a large mirror is mounted. The girl needs to see herself in full growth every time she is going to leave the house, and not run every minute in the hallway with a mirror.

women’s bedroom


Bedroom with balcony

A bedroom with access to a small balcony creates all the prerequisites for creating an interior in the Provencal style. A cozy place for spending evenings will never be superfluous because sometimes you want to retire and read an interesting book. No one will disturb you on the balcony, and the comfortable atmosphere sets you up for a positive mood. A wicker rocking chair, a warm blanket, a lamp a La “street lamp” and a pleasant pastime is provided for you. If you have a loggia, you can attach it to the area of the bedroom itself by removing the partition. You will get a full-fledged room, but try not to catch the eye of the differences between the two previously separate rooms. To do this, use the same finishing materials in the renovation, both for the bedroom and for the loggia. In order to make practical use of every square meter in the apartment, design a work area on the balcony. There it will be easy to equip a table for a laptop and find a place for a comfortable chair, and you can divide the space using curtains or Wallpaper of different colors. We offer to convert the balcony into a nursery for a family with a newborn child. Of course, there are not enough facilities for outdoor games, but for installing a baby’s crib-just right.

Bedroom with balcony

Doing the ceiling

What is the first thing we see when we Wake up? That’s right: the ceiling. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to its design. In the kitchen or living room, small cracks above the head are almost invisible, but in the bedroom, the situation is somewhat different. So, choosing a shade for a room with low ceilings, we stop at a light range of colors. From the known methods of decoration, you can use a painting or wallpapering. How to choose Wallpaper for your bedroom Of the finishing materials for walls, Wallpaper is considered the most popular. They are presented in various colors and textures. They buy them based on their preferences and requirements. One of the main selection criteria is color, for a cramped bedroom – these are light shades. Avoid large and medium-sized patterns, otherwise, the room will visually become even smaller than it was before the renovation. Do you want to” lift ” the ceilings a little? Then paste Wallpaper with vertical stripes on the walls. To expand the room, find Wallpaper with horizontal stripes. In the process, do not forget to monitor the joining of segments, otherwise, the strips will be of different thicknesses.



The area of the” Khrushchev ” bedrooms is not conducive to the manifestation of individuality, the use of any decorative items is very limited here. But not everything is so sad, photo Wallpapers come to the rescue, which turns the room into a wild jungle or urban landscape. It all depends on the style present in the room, the rest is up to you: buy a suitable image will not be difficult.

photo Wallpaper in the bedroom


Curtains in the bedroom

Almost all people who worked full-time dream of getting enough sleep on a day off. But this is not enough just prerequisites, you also need comfortable conditions. One of the enemies of a strong, serene sleep can be called a bright sun that disrupts all your plans for the weekend.

To prevent this from happening, hang curtains on the Windows. For the classical style, complex multi-tiered curtains decorated with tassels and lambrequins are considered the norm. In high-tech, buy blinds that match the color of the walls. Light airy flowered curtains will fit seamlessly into Provence. In all cases, you must adhere to a single rule: curtains should not stand out against the walls, otherwise, the room will seem cramped. As fasteners, choose cornices that match the design and color of the furniture. Roman and roll-up curtains are suitable for small bedrooms, due to their compactness. Using this decor for Windows, in the daytime, you will completely hide them under the ceiling, which is very convenient and does not clutter the space.

Curtains in the bedroom