Brown color in the interior, non-standard solutions

The room, decorated in brown, looks elegant and respectable. If previously these shades have receded into the background, now designers are trying to restore the previous success of the tree color. Brown is the epitome of comfort.


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The main options for using brown in the interior of residential premises:

brown color in the interior

This color in large quantities is better used in rooms with a large number of square meters since small-sized rooms will turn brown into a dark, cramped place.
If brown is used as the dominant shade, it is better to choose other interior items in light tones.
When decorating rooms for children, you should use brown (universal in this case) as the color of the furniture, doors, or a small partition.
Shades of brown can dramatically change the atmosphere of the interior (yellowish and light brown shades fill the room with light, the color of dark chocolate gives a sense of expensiveness).
In order to avoid feeling tired of the color, it is necessary to combine materials, textures, and ornaments. The brown color gives you a place to dream.
It is reasonable to combine the brown color with skirting boards made under the tree, with wicker Ottomans and baskets.

luxury brown color in the interior

Combination of brown with other colors in the interior


Brown goes well with achromatic colors: black, white, and gray with all shades. These neutral colors are used as background colors. In contrast, colors contrasting with brown are used to highlight certain design details. Contrast is the brightness and saturation of a particular color. For example, a contrasting color for brown may be red, but not pale pink or green, but not light green. Color contrast is used in Art Deco, avant-garde, Kitsch, and Pop art styles.


Combination of gray and brown

combinations of brown and gray in the interior

Gray is neutral in relation to other colors and shades. It can only create a background and never plays a major role. Due to its neutrality, it does not put pressure on the eyes and allows them to rest. Against the background of gray, brown spots of furniture and other interior elements stand out perfectly. When designing an interior design, keep in mind that gray is very close to black. Psychologically, a person instinctively rejects everything that approaches the color black. The overwhelming presence of gray can depress the psyche. Therefore, designers try to dilute the gray color with brown. This may be a picture in a brown frame or other interior elements that stand out against its background.


White and brown

combinations of brown and white in the interior

The white color reflects the sun’s rays and expands the space. Narrow strips of white floor and ceiling skirting boards and platbands outline the contours of the room. White walls create a sense of cleanliness and sterility. Against their background, all shades of brown look great from light tones to dark, chocolate turning into black. However, do not overdo it with white, so that the feeling of a hospital room does not appear.

White also has its own shades. When designing, you should give preference to white with a cream tint.

Beige and brown

combinations of brown and beige in the interior

Beige color is chosen by calm, confident people who love solitude. Designers choose their shades for the background. Very often people subconsciously choose it for the design of a bedroom. It goes well with brown and its shades: melted milk and ivory, etc. Very good combination with dark brown doors or furniture. Designers often use smooth transitions of bright beige to sandy or light brown.

Blue and brown

combinations of brown and blue in the interior

Blue color has a positive effect on the human psyche in bright and deep colors. There shouldn’t be too much of it. The main vocation of blue is to dilute the brown tones and semitones. Psychologists say that the blue color has a calming effect on the Central nervous system. No wonder everyone wants to go to the blue sea in the summer.

the combination of brown with blue in the interior

Green and brown

combination of brown and green in the interior

The green color and its shades symbolize nature and have a calming effect on people. Light green tones visually expand the space. It can be used as the main one with the addition of brown. It can be the main thing in the interior and does not try to diversify the room with different shades of green. It is the brown color, having many different shades, that will dilute the greens. Most often, this color is used in the interiors of the bedroom and living room.

combination of brown and green in the kitchen interior

Red and brown

combination of brown and red in the living room interior

Red color combined with brown is inherent in natures with leadership traits. They are persistent and persistent in achieving their goals. People who choose red have a dynamic character, do not sit still. This color stimulates their physical and emotional strength. Shades of red-brown combinations are inherent in the Eastern peoples in the design of their homes.

Red as the color of victory is respected in The middle ages in the chambers of royalty. Luxury apartments with red shades are still in fashion today.

The brown color is related to red and maroon, pink and purple shades are well combined with it.

the combination of brown and red in the interior

Pink and brown

combinations of brown and pink in the bedroom interior

Pink is a watered-down red. Its ability to reduce and neutralize aggression and promote relaxation. The room in pink tones creates a sense of comfort. Rest in pink apartments allows you to forget about disturbing thoughts, get rid of experiences during mental crises, and increases your optimistic mood. Medicine claims that the color pink reduces blood pressure and heart rate. There shouldn’t be too much pink. Its main task is to dilute the dominant color into zones.

combinations of brown and pink in the living room interior

Yellow and brown

combinations of brown and yellow in the bedroom interior

Yellow turning into gold and brown combined with blue are inherent in classic and modern styles. It does not tire, but rather stimulates the Central nervous system. The interior in yellow tones activates mental activity. It is best suited for decorating children’s rooms in combination with not only brown but also other colors.

Brown is the most versatile color and goes well with almost all colors. It can be both main and secondary in the design of interior design.

combinations of brown and yellow in the interior


What areas are suitable for brown?

Different variations of brown color create not only comfort and atmosphere, but also adds a sense of spaciousness. This variety is required for living rooms (bedroom) or kitchen.

Light brown, walnut colors are ideal for finishing the kitchen. They create comfort, arouse the appetite. The darkest shades can be used as the tile color near the cooking area. These colors gently affect the psycho-emotional state of the owners, calming, and relaxing. Also, these shades seem to fill the room with light. The deepest tones allow the owners not to suffer from insomnia and a sense of apathy.

Brown color reflects the environment, normalizes the perception of reality (allows you to better relax or focus). This color is versatile and versatile, it looks cheerful and elegant, noticeably transforming the space. Brown color not only makes you combine colors and think about little things but also gives you space to create something new.

brown color in the interior of the dining room


brown color in the kitchen interior

brown color in the interior of your home

interesting brown color in the interior

mysterious brown color in the interior