Children’s room in the eco-style is universal for any gender and age, beautiful, and most importantly – safe for the health of the child and nature. After all, real eco-design involves the use of not only natural materials but also recycled, renewable, or decomposed in nature. In this article, you will find tips on choosing finishes, furniture, lighting, and decoration of eco children’s rooms, as well as 45 photos of stylish interiors.

Interior design with the involvement of professionals is a guarantee that every detail will correspond to the chosen style in the room. Specialists of any company are ready to implement classic, minimalism or eco-style that has been relevant in recent years.

Children’s eco-style is the choice of parents, whose life position is manifested in the preference for natural materials, and in General in caring for the health of their child.

The founders of this trend are Scandinavian designers who at the end of the twentieth century opposed the production of products and interior items made of plastic and synthetic materials, that is, against environmental pollution.

Ecostyle in the children’s room

Children’s design in eco style

Natural materials in eco-style dominate, but the most relevant in the design, as well as in the choice of furniture items, is wood — the most eco-friendly material.

For a children’s room in an eco-style, the best solution is to use a parquet floor Board, wood, or bamboo flooring. Modern manufacturers offer a large selection even of linoleum, in the production of which plant fibers are used. It is not recommended to use large and massive carpets with a long pole in the nursery, as these are real “dust collectors”, which is not at all eco-friendly and useful for the child’s health.

In order to achieve the maximum effect of harmony with nature, jute, cane, sisal, cork or veneered Wallpaper can be used as wall coverings for an eco-friendly nursery.

Eco-style in the interior of the nursery

The interior design offers maximum appeal to the natural shades. The color scheme should be warm, natural, pleasant to the eyes, without oversaturation of dark shades. It is enough to look around to get inspiration for the design of the room from nature itself:

  • natural wood;
  • natural stone;
  • lush grass;
  • deep blue sky;
  • white sand, etc.

    Children’s design in Eco-style

When choosing textile elements (curtains, bedspreads), the same principle applies — the choice should be made on natural, breathable materials made of linen or cotton. Typical eco-style prints include ethnic ornaments, plant motifs, images of mountains, sky, and animals.

It is clear that the furniture in the nursery, made in this style, should only be made of natural materials. As for its shape, it is better to give preference to simple structures. If the child is small, he will simply be delighted with the bed – “birdhouse”. It is quite possible that such a house for a baby will be able to build with your own hands.

And so that the child was not bored in such a concise room, as decorative elements, you can use branches, stones, animal motifs, sculptures made of natural materials.

The main features of the style

Children’s room in eco-style design rules

The stylistic principles of eco-design are based on the ideas of preserving nature and admiring its beauty. Let’s list the main features of the eco-style: Use of high-quality natural materials not only in the decoration and furniture but also in the decor. As already mentioned, materials can also be recycled, decomposable, and renewable in nature. No plastic, synthetic fabrics, or leather if possible. Minimalism in the forms and lines of furniture, decoration, and decoration. Neutral color scheme, but with bright accents. Main colors: white, beige, brown, green, ochre, terracotta, and other natural colors.References to the theme of forests and nature, flora and fauna, which can be read on Wallpaper, curtains, in the design of lamps and wall decor. It’s great if the interior contains furniture or things made with your own hands.

The final design

eco style features

Children’s room in eco-style should be not only attractive and eco-friendly but also functional. The use of various containers made of natural vines, rattan, or straw for storing toys will optimize the space, and it will be easier for the child to restore order.

If the room is intended to accommodate two children, they will definitely like a bunk bed made of untreated pine or beech.

Do not forget about the lighting. In eco-style, you can use items made of glass and metal. But if you want to make an accent with a bright plastic lamp, it is better to choose a device made of polypropylene. Unlike other types of plastic, it is recycled, which means that it is harmless to the environment and, most importantly, to the health of the child.