Decorating walls with mosaic tiles. How to cut a mosaic tile, highlights.

Today, wall tiles are a common attribute of any room, as they combine not only comfort but also aesthetics. A mosaic created from tiles allows you to realize unlimited interior fantasies. An interesting and unusual way to decorate is the mosaic. The product allows you to decorate the room in any style. After all, even in ancient times, structures decorated the facades of buildings and the interior of castles. You can use these products to decorate the wall, floor, or ceiling. A large range of colors and textures can complement any design.

You can do the installation process yourself. Before carrying out the work, you need to know the main aspects of laying. So, some masters do not know how to cut a mosaic. But this process is an integral part of the entire installation. Without it, you can’t get elements of the desired configuration.


How to cut mosaic tile


From the masters of the workers in the mosaic are often the question arises ― how to cut (to chop) mosaic, which tool. This question is not always answered even by experienced masters.

Cutting mosaics is not easy, not only for an Amateur but also for a professional. Some cut the mosaic with a grinder, this method is absolutely not suitable for beginners in this business, as it is difficult, dangerous and time-consuming. Many masters use a glass cutter, but this method requires considerable skills. For an Amateur, it is easier and easier to use special wire cutters.

Professionals who value their time and the quality of their work should have a high-quality professional tile cutter, which can be used to cut mosaics as well. But this option will result in a lot of money, and it will be difficult to perform curly elements on them. Here is a tile cutter with a mosaic Mat can be cut quickly and a lot, but this type of cutting is not suitable for artistic splitting.

Therefore, for those who do not know how to cut a mosaic, we hasten to share a list of tools and methods designed specifically for this class. This can be learned by almost any master, whether he is a novice or a qualified employee with experience.

mosaic mode using a tile cutter

The question of what and how to cut mosaics often baffles not only Amateurs but even experienced tile makers. Many experienced craftsmen cut mosaics with a grinder, but this method is very difficult, time-consuming, dangerous, and absolutely not suitable for a novice mosaicist. Some masters use a glass cutter, but this method also requires significant skills and is also very time-consuming.

In addition, the mosaic can be cut on most professional electric tile cutters, as well as on some models of professional manual tile cutters, including using special devices.

The main disadvantage of this method is the price of the equipment.

However, few people know that there are special tools for cutting mosaics, the cost of which is comparable to the cost of one square meter of mosaic, and the ease of use makes them available even for an Amateur.

Mosaic pliers or tongs are used for direct cutting of mosaics. Hold the pliers in the cutting hand, and hold the mosaic with your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger as still as possible. Place the mosaic between the cutting surfaces of the piece. The tile and the cutting part of the pliers should not overlap completely, the pliers should protrude about half of the tile.

mosaic mode with special tongs

The direction of the fault is set by turning the head of the pliers. To increase the cutting force, hold the pliers closer to the ends of the handles.

Tip: getting a quality cut will require some practice.


Roller pliers for mosaic

An even more convenient tool is the roller mosaic pliers, which combine the functions of a glass cutter and mosaic pliers. With some skills, roller pliers allow you to cut the mosaic into minimal parts, as well as give the mosaic tile almost any shape.

how to cut tile mosaic with roller pliers

Attention! When cutting mosaics with pliers, remember that the fragments of the mosaic will certainly fly in all directions, and be sure to use protective glasses and gloves.

Using a grinder for cutting mosaics

This tool is very often used in the construction and decoration of premises. Many masters use it to cut tiles for the floor and walls. The tool can also effectively divide a mosaic into two parts. However, the process should be done carefully, since the material is fragile. And there is a possibility that the tool may damage it. Therefore, when working with the grinder, it is recommended to give preference to the material on the grid. These products differ in the strength of the fixation of all elements.

mosaic mode with a grinder

To perform manipulations, it is necessary to fix the material on a flat surface. You can do this with tape. The incision disk must be positioned exactly perpendicular to the surface on which the mosaic is located. Cut smoothly and carefully so as not to damage the product. Some masters draw a line with a cutting circle. In any case, the procedure is easier to perform in the middle of the product. The closer the incision is to the edge, the higher the probability of cracks and splits.

Thus, to cut the product, you will need the following tools:

  • Bulgarian;
  • special disk;
  • duct tape;
  • plywood sheet or another smooth surface.

After completing the work, the structure can be detached from the tape. Using the grinder, you should avoid inaccurate movements. The tool can damage not only the mosaic but also cause injury to the master. The resulting strip of material is fixed with a special glue to the desired area of the room.

Cutting tools are available. They can be purchased at any construction store. Some owners do not know how to do the procedure themselves. They have to resort to the services of specialists. But the use of such materials and methods allows you to make installation and cut the tile in the shortest possible time.