Features of fire damage repair your home

A fire is a big loss with numerous unpleasant consequences, so if you have experienced such a disaster, try first to gather strength and spirit, because there is a mountain of work ahead of you to restore your home.

The fire damages all surfaces, interior items, appliances, and furniture. Therefore, the first thing to do is to carry out dismantling work, during which the burned-out finish, damaged items, and other debris are removed from the apartment. The ideal view of the room after removing the consequences of a terrible disaster is an empty box, which lacks windows, doors, drywall structures, platbands, and skirting boards.

Restoring your home after a fire requires a professional approach at every stage from removing the products of combustion and strengthening structures, to cleaning the room after repairs.

Stages of fire damage repair


  • Cleaning
  • Wall and ceiling cleaning
  • Eliminating the smell of burning
  • Finished in


The complexity of repairs after a fire is to eliminate the burning, soot, and a specific smell that permeates, as it sometimes seems, through all surfaces and materials.

Do not expect that the remainder of acrid smoke will gradually disappear after washing and airing the room.

Drastic measures will be required – it is dangerous for your health to breathe smoke. In addition to headaches, poor health, weakness, the body is threatened with more serious consequences from inhaling air with carcinogens.

Why can’t I do repairs after a fire without first cleaning

Features of repair after a fire


It is best to protect yourself and your loved ones in advance by taking care of fire-fighting equipment and equipment in the house. We are considering the case when the irreparable has already happened and it is necessary to eliminate the consequences of the fire.


To completely get rid of traces of fire, it is necessary to make major repairs to the premises and at the initial stage remove all the finishing, knock down the plaster. Leave the materials, even untouched by fire, can not-the the smell will not let you forget about the fire.

To completely get rid of traces of fire, it is necessary to make major repairs to the premises!

This also applies to parquet, despite the fact that it will look quite decent after Cycling, and other types of cladding. If the room is severely damaged by fire, you will also have to remove the floor screed.

Cleaning of premises after a fire.

Of course, the wiring when removing the finishing coatings must also be removed, and then, of course, you will have to lay new communications. It is important to know! Be sure to check the integrity of the wiring during the preparatory work. Damaged electrical wiring is often the cause of a new fire.

After knocking down completely damaged and partially preserved coatings, they begin to inspect and clean the vents and chimneys.

After removing the soot from there, it is recommended to wait for some time until the smell of smoke disappears completely.

dismantling of old Windows and doors after a fire

How to remove soot


If you cannot remove the finish, and all the surfaces are covered with soot, then you will need to make a lot of effort to clean the room from traces of fire.

We will make a reservation in advance that you cannot immediately wash the walls, ceilings, and floor since the soot will penetrate even deeper into the pores of the bases.


  1. The store purchases special napkins designed for such needs and containing substances to effectively combat soot.
  2. Remove debris from all surfaces with a broom and vacuum cleaner.
  3. Take dry wipes with microfiber for cleaning; carefully brush off the dirt, making sure not to RUB the soot even deeper.
  4. Next, use napkins impregnated with chemical components. Soot should be brushed off without rubbing.
  5. After finishing, it is recommended to use a sander on the cleaned surface and get rid of the remaining Gorenje products.
  6. Only after these steps, you can proceed to the washroom. To work, you will need household chemicals and a lot of water.

thoroughly clean the floor covering

After neutralizing the smell of burning, priming the surface of the room with a deep penetration primer. The film of the primer will reliably seal the remaining microparticles of burning in the pores of concrete and brick. The most effective result can be achieved only with the use of high-quality mixtures, so you should not save on primers. The subsequent puttying of the surfaces have the same effect.

In fact, the question of how to make repairs after a fire can be considered closed. Further does not present any special problems for the home master and is reduced to ordinary cosmetic repairs.

It is very important to replace the electrical wiring in the room because outdated or poor-quality wiring can lead to another fire. Installation of electrical wiring is best done in several stages, for example, separately conduct wiring for sockets, then lighting the room, make a warm floor.

Priming surfaces after a fire

The final stage is finishing the walls and laying the floor covering. The walls and ceiling must be cleaned almost to the concrete layer. Here you should not spare your efforts, as with poor-quality cleaning of walls and ceilings, the smell of burning will be present, and the polished surfaces may turn yellow after a few months.

Do not skimp on the materials that will be used to finish the walls and ceilings in your renovated apartment. Try to choose natural and non-toxic materials.

If the doors and windows are damaged, it is better to replace them. Professionals note that the experienced fire changes the geometry of the openings, and very soon they may lose their main properties.

Remember, when performing any cleaning work in the room, you must take care of special protective equipment: use thick gloves and shoes with thick soles to protect your skin from sharp objects, contact with Gorenje objects that can be highly toxic to the body. Use safety glasses and masks when cleaning items and surfaces that have been subjected to burning.