If you have an idea to repair a toilet with a bath, pay considerable attention to the choice of various construction and finishing materials. The peculiarity of the renovated premises is that there is a lot of moisture, and the temperature regime may differ from the main one. Therefore, when selecting materials, the characteristics of the bathroom are taken into account, for example, the hygiene of this place. Starting the renovation, you should not forget that the main thing here is not so much beauty and comfort, but the functionality of these rooms. Therefore, at the very beginning, you should think about updating the water supply and Sewerage systems.


Repair in the bathroom on what is not worth saving

The beginning of the started repair will be the release of the repaired premises from old furniture, equipment, and other items.
The next step is to remove the outdated pipes and install new ones.
Laying electrical wiring, if necessary.
Walls, ceiling, and floor – the next and very important point in the repair.
Finally, leave the installation of new plumbing and installation of lamps.
Now let’s talk in more detail about everything. When everything is removed from the renovated premises, it comes to the pipes that supply the bathroom with water. Today, everyone recommends PVC pipes, which are the cheapest and most practical. However, steel, copper, or metal-polymer pipes are also used.

Starting to repair the walls themselves, you need to take into account how and when you need to install a toilet, shower, or bath before or after such repairs. This depends on the materials used. Basically, for finishing the floor and walls in bathrooms, ceramic tiles are used, ceilings are made with stretch or rack-and-pinion. Choosing a decorative material, special attention is paid to aesthetic qualities, because all special materials for the bathroom are resistant to moisture and chemical influences.

Renovation in the bathroom. Features and features

Lighting in the bathroom must also be determined in advance. Best of all, it will be a single lamp with a soft light. If you put spotlights, then when the owner is lying in the bathroom, the light shines unpleasantly in the eyes, and in general, there is clearly not enough light for the room. Therefore, it is better to use one large light source in the middle of the ceiling.

Using ceramic tiles, plumbing is recommended to install in advance. And to choose a tile, you should make a lot of effort. After all, it is very difficult to choose a product from such a huge assortment. But the unique and refined design of your room is guaranteed. Before you start work on laying tiles, you need to prepare the walls and make markings.

If the walls will be finished with clapboard or corkwood, there is no need to install a bath or sink in advance. In this case, you should pay attention to the waterproofing itself, for example, the joints between the plates at the Euro lining sometimes pass water. The same applies to the floor covering. Although the best option for this is ceramic tiles. Sometimes linoleum is used.

installing a toilet in the toilet

At the end of the repair work, you need to conduct cables for lighting and sockets. To avoid getting wet, the cable in the bathroom must be protected by a special shell. However, they should not be installed near the tap, where there is no guarantee that they will remain dry. It is better to install at a distance of about 60 cm from the sink or bathroom because a longer distance involves the use of extension cords, which is undesirable. A good option would be additional lighting, for example, near the mirror or inside the lockers.

At the end of finishing works, plumbing is installed, if it is not already installed, as well as a variety of decoration, hanging cabinets. Today, you can choose even different colors of plumbing, so the decor of the toilet and bathroom will correspond to the same style.