And to move something bulky from corner to corner, you often need to move more furniture, for which you have to move other things… In short, the lack of thoughtfulness leads to a lot of time spent. And to the fact that often many apartment owners already agree to put everything somehow, just to fit, not caring about convenience, lighting, not to mention compliance with the design plan. Meanwhile, it is absolutely insulting to pay for design services, order airbrushing, beautiful images on the walls, if then it will all end up with furniture!

A skillful arrangement of furniture can give a lot:

  • it will allow you to emphasize the advantages of the room, while carefully hiding its shortcomings (small size, elongation, irregular shape);
  • you can form a neat passage so that you can move around the house without bruising the sharp corners of the furniture in the house;
  • it will give you the opportunity to free up more useful space, that is, you will not have a situation of free half of square meters in the corner, another 20 centimeters-between one piece of furniture and another, so a lot of space can run-up;
  • it will give you the opportunity to show the apartment when renting or selling in the best possible light;
  • it will allow you to increase the amount of well-lit space, which is important for those who study or just, for example, like to read.

How to arrange a room: correctly arrange the furniture

As you can see, the correct arrangement of furniture really opens up quite a lot of interesting prospects so that they can be ignored. So, what should be taken into account? And where should I start? In General, there are no strict rules about the beginning of the placement. But if you do not know how to arrange furniture in a room, get lost, do it for the first time, it is better to start from the window. There is the most illuminated space, and it is important not to lose it. Therefore, install or assemble your desktop there, as an option, a Computer Desk. At the same time, put a computer chair, if you find it difficult to imagine how much space it takes, then you will clearly see it.

An important point: when arranging furniture, you should not forget that the chair is rolled back, and this is how it will be most often used. Similarly with chairs, stools: they are set aside. And you also need to leave free space for the legs of the person sitting. The taller a person is, the longer their legs are. This means that you need to leave more space. Cabinets, respectively, open, and even to any piece of furniture, you need to somehow approach. The passage for different furniture may be the same, but it must be.

How to arrange furniture correctly, do it wisely

Large furniture – a separate issue

After you have solved the problem with the space near the window, you need to deal with the largest furniture. It is with her most of all, as a rule, headaches. And it is difficult to rearrange it later if there was some mistake in the arrangement. Well, or, say, the owner of the room changed his mind, and the last option he no longer likes. Very large furniture in small rooms is generally disassembled and assembled since otherwise, it can be problematic to move it. Please also note that some cabinets do not fit in doorways, so assembled from a number of rooms they simply can not be taken out. In General, there are enough reasons to deal with large pieces of furniture in the first place.

It is better to place them first on the drawing, drawing, diagram, in a word, not in real life. Take a good measure of your room, especially mark on the drawing those places that can not be closed. For example, you might want a picture to hang somewhere. Or you are not going to close the airbrush on the wall, such ways to decorate the room now, by the way, are very popular. When making measurements, keep in mind that accuracy is important to you. You also need all the indicators, since furniture is a three-dimensional object. Once you have these rooms, specify the same characteristics of the furniture. And you can start placing furniture in the drawing, visualizing the final result.

By the way: now there are computer programs that allow you to do something similar. It is enough to enter the data of the room and furniture, as well as choose the type of items that you place. And the result will already be on your screen. Convenient, especially for those who have problems with visualization.

We arrange furniture to achieve maximum comfort and comfort

Something that is constantly forgotten when arranging furniture

There are things that are regularly forgotten when arranging furniture. For example, a chandelier. How will the light come from it? Will the shadow of the Cabinet block your favorite reading spot in the corner from the light? Also, do not forget about sockets. You don’t have to force them (after all, there may be no choice in a small room), but you can carefully cut a hole for sockets in the back of the Cabinet, which is still not visible to anyone. Or just leave a space between the Cabinet and the wall so that the outlet can be used.