How to calculate what size garage door opener needed in my home

The size of the garage door directly affects the safety of the operation of the structure, whether it will be convenient to Park a car, whether such a garage will protect from precipitation or robbers. What standard dimensions should I choose and what should I pay attention to when buying? When it is planned to install garage doors, dimensions play a key role, since it is important to provide enough space for transport. You can use standard or calculated dimensions. These parameters must ensure not only that the car passes, but also that you can turn from the street to the garage, as well as from the premises outside it.

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What factors affect the standard size of garage doors opener?

factors affect the standard size of garage doors

It is not possible to standardize all possible sizes of garage doors since a number of factors affect their determination:


-Variants of car models that differ in size, their number is so large that it is very difficult to apply to all options the standard size grid of products;

-The division of transport into large and small-sized requires the use of garages for different purposes: industrial, domestic;

-The possibility of unimpeded entry to the object is due to the angle of rotation from the street, and the location of the garage affects above or below the soil surface;

-The design of mechanisms determines the dimensions of the opening, as it can be installed swing, pull-back or lifting versions;

-Brand – in this case, each manufacturer provides an individual size grid.

Attention! It is not advisable to rely on average values. If possible, consider as many factors as possible that determine the size of the opening. Do not forget that the frames will significantly narrow it.

lifting and turning garage doors


Types of garage doors:


  • Sectional;
  • Plowing;
  • Rollback;
  • Lifting and turning;
  • Roll.
  • Each of these types has its own advantages, and you need to choose them based on your requests.


double-leaf swing garage doors

The standard size of garage doors


The main task is to make the gate so that the car is free to pass, and there is a gap on both sides. To do this, add 0.65-1 foot on each side to the width of the car. If the minimum size of a car is 5.9-6.5 feet, the opening should be about 7.9-8.5 feet, and the optimal width per car is 8.2 feet. This is the most common size for all garage door manufacturers.


sectional garage door

The minimum size of garage doors


If you need to save space for car owners, it is important to calculate the minimum parameters that allow you to Park your car in the garage. For a motorcycle, you can leave an opening of 5.9 feet. For passenger cars, if the entrance is straight and level, the minimum width is 6.5-6.6 feet.

The height of the gate models differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, starting at 5.9 feet. But with this size, it will be uncomfortable for a tall person to go inside the room.


Maximum size of garage doors


There are no maximum limits on width and height. Only the needs and capabilities of manufacturers and the features of the gate opening/closing mechanisms used to limit these parameters. Standard type gates are produced, with a maximum height of 10 feet and a width of 20 feet. To order, it is possible to produce large-sized canvases.


We calculate the width of the gate depending on the number and type of cars

how to calculate the garage door

Manual calculations allow you to evaluate individual minimum requirements for comfortable entry and exit of cars. By comparing these figures with the manufacturers ‘ size grid, it is easy to choose the best option.


Per passenger car. According to the height, a comfortable figure is selected for the passage of a person – 6.5-7.2 feet. Any passenger car, even with a trunk, will pass through such an opening. The clearance for direct entry is 0.65-1 ft, if at an angle – 1.3-1.65 ft.


For two cars. The height requirements do not change. For two cars, they first decide whether to make separate gates or install common ones. If you put them together, the normal width for a pair of cars is 13-16. 5 feet. The gap between the cars is left 1.6 feet.


For a jeep. An SUV or minibus differs from a passenger car by its greater width and height. The calculation formula does not change. The width of the optimal opening is 9.2-9.5 feet. According to the height dimensions, the reception of 8 or 10 feet is preferred.


For freight transport. The peculiarity of calculating the opening for cargo transport is associated with the long length of the car. If the length of vehicles is up to 26 feet, the width parameter for direct entry is 3.3 feet, and at an angle, it is 5 feet. For a longer length, the corrections, respectively, are 4-4. 3 feet.

How to calculate the optimal garage

When parking two cars, the distance between them must be at least 2.3 feet.


So, to calculate the size of garage doors you must consider several factors: the type of car, number of cars, particularly road access: the location of the garage above or below ground level, angular rotation, exit onto a public road and review; the design features of the door mechanisms, as well as comfort for the movement of the person, etc.