How to cut marble tile in house conditions

Does marble mean expensive?

Marble is a great choice for countertops or flooring. The disadvantage is that the material is expensive and requires the participation of specialists during installation.

Facing the surface with marble tiles looks very impressive, but the pleasure is expensive, primarily because the tile itself is not cheap. Minimum waste is the main principle that people adhere to when working with this building material. How do I cut marble tiles so that it turns out neatly and quickly, and how can I cut them at all? For cutting marble tiles, special tile cutters are used, and if there is no such tool, it is cut with a grinder. In any case, a diamond disk or, in another way, a diamond circle is used as the cutting element.

How to cut marble tile in house conditions?

how to cut marble tile

Usually in everyday life, there is a need to adjust the size of marble tiles used for walls and ceilings, kitchen furniture, and sinks. Here you will need a special compact saw, while for work in a quarry or in production, it is most convenient to use a multi-disk or bridge. For one-time work, it is advisable to rent a water-cooled cutting machine that uses a diamond wheel. The use of the mechanism without cooling is not prohibited, but in this case, there is a high risk of damage to the material. You must purchase personal protective equipment-headphones, glasses, gloves.

protection tools when working with tiles

Auxiliary tools:

  • whetstone wheel;
  • diamond discs of different diameters;
  • marker or tape;
  • sandpaper of different numbers;
  • personal protective equipment;
  • water used to fill the cooling element;
  • brushes and dustpan.

A preliminary measure is to check the flow of cooling water, it must be directed to the rotating disk. Water protects the machine from overheating, it becomes auxiliary protection for the processed stone texture. Using a marker or tape on the marble mark the cut line, the material is attached in a cutting machine with a cooled circle. The safety of operation depends entirely on whether the stone is placed correctly. The tile must be fed slowly to avoid overloading the machine.

processing of marble tiles

If the material is sent to the disk too quickly, it is likely to be destroyed and the operator will be injured. The tile should be carefully directed forward until the disk completely cuts it. To smooth the resulting surface, you need to use a grindstone or a diamond circle with a small diameter. All movements must be smooth to maintain the integrity of the material. At the final stage, you can use a moistened or dry sandpaper – it will noticeably smooth the edges. The wizard does the following: first take sandpaper #120, gradually getting to # 2500. In this case, the maximum smooth cut is formed.

Too rough sandpaper can leave scratches on the surface of the marble. All sides of the material must be cleared of waste. The cutting machine should be completely free of coolant. Pointed fragments from the floor and table can not be removed with your bare hands, here you will need a hard brush and a dustpan. Inexperienced enthusiasts are advised by experts to practice on discarded fragments of marble, so as not to create expensive waste material suitable for decorative cladding. When using an electrical appliance, you need to take care of the ground, and when feeding the material to the machine, you need to make sure that you do not get hurt. Hard stones can be cut using a locksmith’s hacksaw, combined with a wire that has a diamond coating. But in this case, you will have to organize a constant water supply yourself. This is a more complex technique compared to traditional sawing using a power tool.

For cutting marble slabs at home, use a saw-grinder and special diamond circles for working with natural stone. The saw must be operated at a low speed. In addition, water must be constantly supplied to the cutting site to cool the working tool, as well as to prevent the formation of chips and microcracks at the cutting site.