Modern society strives for harmony everywhere and in everything. Creating a home comfort, people carefully think through the design of the room, wall decoration, curtains, furniture, and much more. But very rarely does anyone really think about batteries, about how ordinary batteries can ruin any design or completely destroy it. What to do? Decorate batteries, make them part of the interior, and sometimes the highlight of this interior!

When decorating heating devices, you can not overdo it. The main task of any battery is heating, and excessive application of paint or adding details can spoil this characteristic. When decorating the battery, you should leave gaps at the top and bottom. And using decorative screens, it is better to choose those that are equipped with perforations or patterns with holes.

Decor radiators with their hands

Errors when decorating heating systems

A common mistake when decorating heating systems is to choose the wrong color. Contrasting colors are not always good, just like the standard white color. If the Wallpaper has a plum hue, why is the battery white? Let it also be a plum shade – and attract less attention, and will serve faithfully. The contrasting colors of the walls and the batteries never look good. Moreover, they always catch the eye, spoil the first impression of the home.

How to hide or decorate a battery with your own hands

Heat-resistant paint is the primary helper of anyone who is going to change the color of the battery. The color of the heating device should be as close as possible to the color of the walls – this is the key to a harmonious combination. Ideally, if the walls are plain and the color is not very rare. The difference between the color of the wall and the battery by 1-3 tones is considered the norm and is not so striking. Before applying a new layer of paint, you should take care of removing the old layer, cleaning rust spots, and treating the battery with a primer, which will help the paint to lie flatter, and rust will not allow it to occur again.

And if the wall has a pattern or pattern, what should I do in this case? You can use strips of Wallpaper for the decoration of batteries. Carefully paste the Wallpaper over the battery and see what happens. In this case, it is worth remembering that this is an extra layer, which can significantly reduce the heat transfer of the device. You can use several different strips, from different Wallpaper, make a battery in the manner of a patchwork quilt.


Decorated screens for batteries

If the batteries are built into a niche (or it is possible to embed them there), then decorative screens will be an excellent solution. The screen can be set to a suitable size, completely covering the battery and the niche. It is desirable that the color of the screen matches the color of the wall. The presence of holes, in this case, is simply mandatory.

method to hide the battery

The screen can be made of fabric. These screens have their advantages – they can be washed at any time.


Another type of screen: mounted. They are attached by brackets and represent works of art. Among the wide variety of such decorative screens, there is always one that will appeal to you. Decorative screens in the form of boxes also have a place to be. Their simple and eclectic design can only please and attract the eyes.

Another way to hide the battery is to cover it with a functional item: a counter, a nightstand, or a chest of drawers. The main condition is air circulation, so that warm air still gets into the room, and not extinguished by the back of the chest of drawers. Lattice structures, openwork shelves, and much more are welcome here.

How to decorate a radiator

A common solution for masking radiator grilles is to install cabinets. These cabinets have dimensions corresponding to the length of the wall and the height of the window sill. Part of the Cabinet will cover the radiator grille, and the other part will be used for its intended purpose, filled with things and Souvenirs.


You can try to decorate the heater under the fireplace, using available materials. Thus, the heat will flow into the room, and an unforgettable element of decor will appear.

How To Decorate A Heating Battery Beautifully

Side-mounted screens are becoming increasingly popular. Their meaning is simple. In execution, they look like cabinets or dressers, they have functional shelves or drawers. The front part of this screen is a grid that allows air to circulate. By adding vases, mirrors, or figurines, you can achieve a unique effect and create a unique sense of style and comfort.


Decorative screens for masking batteries are being used more often. Some of the screens are particularly durable, while others have a unique style. A decorative screen made of light glass with a delicate pattern will make the room warm and cozy, and a metal screen will make the room strict and eclectic.

How to close the battery in a room beautifully

When decorating the battery, you can turn on your own imagination and make something unique. The choice of direction belongs only to you. Soft toys were often used to decorate radiator grilles. Sometimes you can find knitted covers over the battery. Beautiful patterns and openwork knitting, images and motifs of fairy tales or stories-everything can be in the decoration of the battery.


A radical solution may be to create a drywall box. It can be made in any form that pleases the imagination and finishes with any finishing material. A drywall box will reliably hide the battery from prying eyes and make it less noticeable. Installation is quite simple and can be performed independently. The finishing material can be either ordinary Wallpaper, stucco, clapboard, tile, and much more. This option will help you avoid the torment of choosing a design for a heating device and do everything clean, efficiently, and quickly.

decorate the battery with the decoupage technique


The choice of how to decorate the battery belongs to the owner or hostess of the apartment. You can call on children to help, who can surprise everyone with their interesting and non-standard solutions. Batteries in the nursery can turn into robots, knights, magic castles, and ships. The battery in the adult room can be hidden behind a stylish glass screen with a picture of a beach or forest. Here you can do everything that your imagination is capable of.