How to start apartment renovation

In fact, most simply do not know where to start repairing an apartment, so that it will cost the least physical and moral losses. However, everything is so simple: the main thing is to organize time correctly, distribute work, and approach the task creatively.


  • Defining the type
  • We think through the design
  • Determining the order of priority
  • Planning and counting

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What is the scope of work template for house renovation

Defining the type of apartment renovation

Defining the type of apartment renovation

Before you start working, roll up your sleeves and decide what repairs the apartment needs. There are three options:

  • Capital. The most labor-intensive, financially costly, long-term. It involves changing the decorative finish (Wallpaper, for example), as well as changing the room (replacing doors, leveling walls, sealing cracks, changing floors, coatings).
  • Cosmetic. A light-weight version of repair work that only requires replacement of the finishing finish – wallpapering or replacing them with some other material, updating the finishes and coverings of floors, ceilings, walls, etc.
  • Mixed, including both varieties.

One of the main mistakes of owners who do not know where to start repairing an apartment is underestimating the field of upcoming activities. For example, you decided to put on new Wallpaper, cleaned the walls, but noticed that they need to be putty, and those cracks would not hurt to close, and at the same time replace the old Windows with plastic. A typical variant of the spontaneous approach to the task, which always entails large disadvantages.
You decided to do one thing, but when you started working, you revised the plan, added new actions that were not previously recorded, thereby violating the correct order of operations, lost your way, and included additional expenses. The mood soured, and the new challenges created the illusion that the construction nightmare could not be completed. It is because of this chaotic approach that the opinion has developed that once you start a repair, it is unlikely that you can ever finish it 100%.
This implies the main condition for a correct, deliberate, balanced approach – to determine the field of tasks, not to deviate from the planned plan:

  • Carefully examine the room;
  • Evaluate what fixes or alterations it needs;
  • Set a budget;
  • Act without going out of bounds;

Do not give in to the rush of excitement, because a reasonable approach is especially important in the case you have started.

Thoughtful design and the style-the key to success

Think through the design of apartment and style of repairs

The second step is creating a design project. Suitable finishing is important for residential premises, so it is necessary to determine future design in advance. In the modern variety of functional styles, building materials, and decorative solutions, there is always an offer that appeals to all family members. Do not forget about another important requirement – practicality.
Rooms should look cozy so that they were good for the family. Functionality is no less important: a house is only good when it is convenient for everyone who lives in it. Start by creating a visual project to clearly represent the final result of the renovation, see the zoning of the room, the distribution of workspace, and places to relax.

Several ways to visualize the project:

  •  View on the Internet. Choose suitable options on the world wide web on various design and construction sites. Recreate your favorite idea by fitting it to your room in the apartment.
  • Draw it yourself. If your artistic skills allow, draw the future appearance of the room. Use any materials. Create a project according to the existing size of the room.
  • Order from professionals. The most expensive option in terms of money, but unique. Designers will develop the layout directly to the customer’s requirements.


These stages are the most important conditions for a proper, thoughtful approach to the beginning of repairs in an apartment or room. Based on them, go to the next ones.

Determining the order of rooms and work

What we can do ourselves in the repair, and where to call a professional

If you are confused, because you do not know where to start repairing an old apartment, go through the rooms, look around. The project will be born by itself as soon as the amount of work required is clear.
The field of activity is defined, you need to set the order of planned operations: what will follow, what room will start the repair epic.

There are a few simple rules:
1. Start with the rooms as far away from the entrance as possible. This way you will avoid heavy contamination of the apartment, significantly reduce the amount of dust.
2. Walk-through rooms are finished last in order to avoid mechanical damage to the new floor coverings;
3. to effectively protect the space from construction debris, a special cellophane film is additionally attached to the outer sides of the doors.
Based on these requirements, it is easy to form a plan for the sequence of tasks, a scheme is drawn up, according to which the order of repair of individual premises is established.
At this stage, you can solve another important question: will you complete all the tasks yourself, or will you still have to ask for help from specialists?
“It’s important! Today, the Internet offers many services for finishing and repairing residential or office premises. When choosing a company, carefully read the reviews and see if there are already completed projects. A personal meeting with representatives of the company will not be superfluous – visual contact will help you make the right choice”

Drawing up a plan, calculating funds and materials


If we can’t do it ourselves, then we give way to professionals

Now that the future design is ready, and the order of repair of rooms is set, calculate the costs and choose materials, prepare tools. When making a purchase plan, carefully measure the dimensions of the rooms, this will help determine the number of materials. Professionals advise buying with a reserve.
The list of decorative elements (moldings, curtains, stucco, mirror surfaces, tiles, paintings, etc.) is compiled separately from the list of building materials. The purchase starts with it. The reason for this requirement is simple: if there is no specific decoration on sale, you can always replace it with an analog, while slightly changing the entire project.
The list of tools is compiled in parallel with both of the above. To fully cover the proposed work, consult with sellers in construction stores, who will tell you what is necessary for what.
In which cases it is better to contact professionals
Contacting the appropriate companies is especially useful in cases where you do not know where to start major repairs in the apartment, are completely confused, can not independently assess the field of necessary work. Invite specialists to determine the scope of repair work, to inspect the premises. This will especially facilitate the process if we are talking about major repairs, which often require a highly qualified approach.
Not all works are available to a non-specialist. The owners often bought firms changing coatings, the alignment of the walls, sealing cracks, creating gypsum, and other structures (construction of the arch, for example). Even the seemingly simple installation of a new interior door requires some knowledge. If you are in doubt or have no idea how to perform a specific operation, contact a specialized company.
Knowing where to start repairs even in a dead apartment, you will simplify the task as much as possible and avoid panic. Proceed to the implementation of the idea in stages carefully and calmly – and everything will work out!