The kitchen is a special room with a specific microclimate. The floor covering should not only fit harmoniously into the chosen interior, but also be comfortable, strong, reliable, and durable.

Answering the question of which floor is best for the kitchen, we come to the conclusion that the leading position is occupied by ceramic tiles. This is a practical, durable, environmentally friendly, durable, and inexpensive material that is presented in a wide variety of design solutions and colors. Today, you can choose products that mimic all existing materials.

What is the reason for the popularity of ceramic tiles for kitchen flooring

Design of floor tiles for kitchen

Its popularity is directly related to its technical characteristics, which include the following:

This material is very durable, which directly affects the time of its use. The tile does not lose its properties after a long period of time, does not wear out, and also does not give in to various mechanical damages.
This material is easy to care for, which is an important property if it is installed in the kitchen. After all, quite often it will get fat, bread crumbs, or other leftovers. Along with this, the kitchen area, the main functionality of which is related to cooking and eating, should be kept perfectly clean. Tile, even with frequent washing, does not lose its properties and does not lose its shape.

Certain models of ceramic tiles easily tolerate changes in high-temperature conditions, they warm up perfectly and cool down quite slowly, so they can easily be laid on top of a warm floor, which is especially important for a kitchen room where the whole family spends a lot of time.
The material is resistant to moisture, so it will not allow the water mass to get to the neighbors living below. It will also not be damaged if it gets hot water.

Wood floor tiles in the kitchen

Taking into account all the positive properties, thanks to the use of such a floor covering, you can create a rather original interior for a kitchen room. Basically, to achieve these goals, you can use ceramic tiles as a floor, which contains flat mosaic elements at its core. In another case, it is suitable to lay tiles under the imitation of natural finishing materials in the form of wood and ceramic granite. Along with this, the financial cost of this material will be lower than the cost of purchasing natural analogs. And the appearance of the kitchen floor, in turn, will not differ from the natural one.

There is also another way to use this coating when decorating the interior of a kitchen room. Namely, when the walls of the kitchen and its working areas are made of ceramic tiles. In this case, the material will be combined with the design of the interior space, which will create uniformity of the room.

This tile will perfectly hide the disadvantages associated with the layout, highlight the kitchen furniture interior in a positive light, and create an original look of the kitchen room.

choosing tiles for the kitchen floor

How to choose and how much to buy tiles?

Basically, before creating a kitchen interior, ceramic tiles are first selected, which sets the overall tone for the color design of the room, and then harmony with the kitchen furniture. It is not recommended to get too involved in fashion drawings due to the fact that such material will survive any fashion.

options for laying tiles on the floor

It is necessary to purchase such coverage with a margin, taking into account the total area of the room where it will be installed. Compliance with this measure is necessary so that in case of damage to the tile at the time of installation, it is easy to replace the existing element, as well as in case of detection of a defective product. It is worth remembering that only natural tiles should be used for the kitchen floor. This is due to the fact that this material has a larger volume and a non-slip surface.

It must be strong and resistant to the negative effects of various chemicals. Most qualified specialists recommend using tiles of the 3rd class of abrasion resistance to solve these problems.

When choosing high-quality ceramic tiles, preference should be given to the world’s leading manufacturers. If the material is of poor quality, it will have irregularities, which will complicate the installation process. For proper installation, it is necessary to review each product to determine the presence of flaws. Then you should lay the tiles one on top of another to determine the level of the unevenness of these products. For laying of this material, you can use any method in the form of “seam to seam” or “take a run.”. In the first version, the tiles are stacked next to each other, and in the other case, each row has a shift along the seam.

How to calculate how many tiles to put on the floor

Just before covering the tiles, you need to make the floor level. This material is laid using a special glue that is applied to the floor in even strips using a spatula. Therefore, if you need to leave a certain distance between the tiles, use special separators, which makes it possible to make them as identical as possible.

To add more originality to the kitchen room, a special skirting Board is glued between the tiles and the walls, which makes it quite easy to clean the room. It also makes it possible to protect the walls from direct contact with a vacuum cleaner, brush, and wet cloth.