Turnkey kitchen repairs are necessary for every housewife and include various types of work: plumbing, finishing, electrical installation, etc. Difficulties in repairing the kitchen are created by a large number of sockets and connected household appliances, the application of water and gas pipelines.

First of all, the room is cleared of furniture. Next, the old finish is removed from the walls and ceiling. After that, rough work is performed. Putty is removed from the walls and ceiling, a new layer is applied on a gypsum basis.

Before purchasing materials, you need to imagine what the design of the future kitchen will look like. For this purpose, it is best to contact professional designers who will select the necessary design solutions for the conditions of your kitchen, calculate the number of materials and time required for the implementation of all solutions. One of the options for developing a kitchen interior is a design project – a kind of action plan. It allows you to calculate the number of materials and adjust the budget. Also, with the help of the design project, all points concerning the design of all rooms are coordinated, and the cost of turnkey kitchen repairs is calculated.

Wood floor tiles in the kitchen

The amount of renovation of a small kitchen is calculated based on the type of finish:

  • designer;
  • cosmetic;
  • D500-structural and heat-insulating aerated concrete, a very strong material used for the construction of load-bearing walls of monolithic buildings;
  • capital.

Economy class repairs are carried out when you need to replace old finishes, wiring, sinks, and pipes. For exclusive repairs, you should contact our designer who performs the design project. If you want the kitchen to match the fashion trends of recent years, you can cover the walls with polyurethane foam tiles, which decoratively complete the interior of the kitchen. For those who want to combine functionality and beauty, we recommend covering the walls with tiles (ceramic). After the walls are ready, you can go back to the ceiling – make it suspended or plastic, to your taste.

After rough finishing, we start finishing, first of all, the ceilings. A good option for the ceiling is PVC panels and drywall. For the floor, do not choose cheap linoleum, as an option – moisture-resistant linoleum or laminate.

Plumbing works

This is not only replacing pipes, transferring radiators, laying water and sewer pipes, but also installing Underfloor heating. During the repair work, employees connect all water-related equipment – filters, sinks, washing machines, faucets, etc.

kitchen renovation plumbing

Finishing work

Finishing can be carried out both with putty and full-scale plaster works. Finishing works include finishing all surfaces. They are carried out in a complex of works on preliminary finishing of walls, priming, and plastering of walls. The primer is required in order to better fit the putty and not peel off the Wallpaper.

Electrical work

Standard electrical work includes replacing sockets, wiring, and switches, as well as installing fixtures. Before starting to repair the walls, it is determined where the new switches and sockets will be located, and wires are connected to them. At the end of the repair, switches and sockets are installed. Sockets are mounted above the countertops, switches – at shoulder level.

strobes for electrical wiring in the kitchen



The kitchen is the place in the apartment where Housewives spend most of their time. The household also loves this place. Sometimes, guests are received in the kitchen.

If the apartment does not allow you to allocate space for the dining room, the kitchen will also be a place for eating. This is the most functional place in the house. The interior design of the kitchen in an apartment or house depends on the size of the room, layout.

Trends in kitchen design

Kitchen interior design ideas are numerous, but they have common trends:

  • to focus on the visual expansion of space, using light colors;
  • to apply to zone;
  • using built-in technology;
  • use of concise kitchen sets;
  • use of chrome-plated surfaces, glass;
  • the addition of a housekeeper;
  • minimal clutter space.

For wall decoration, tiles, plastic or washable Wallpaper are mainly used. And finishing materials in the kitchen should be used with a high level of security.

Styles in kitchen interior design

  • classics,
  • modern,
  • high-tech,
  • country (rustic)
  • there are others, as well as their combination.

    Country style kitchen design

    Kitchen design in the style of hi-tech

    Modern classic kitchen design

    kitchen in modern style