Why is tile so popular when choosing floor and wall coverings in bathrooms and kitchens? It will be enough to name even 2 qualities of such coatings. It is durable in use and easy to care for them. Further, we can say that it also attracts a variety of tile choices. This is both the color scheme and the choice of drawing. It can be matched to almost any created interior. Although the tile was laid in accordance with the technology, and the tile itself is of high quality, it may be necessary to replace it during subsequent repairs. Perhaps the interior of the room has changed and the color scheme no longer corresponds to the new idea. Or maybe the taste preferences of the owners of the apartment have changed. In such cases, the replacement of tiles will be necessary.


Should I remove the old tile or leave it?

It is clear that when removing old tiles, there will be a lot of garbage and dust. Therefore, the masters who perform this type of work thought about putting a new tile on the old one. With the availability of modern building materials, this proved to be quite possible. Although to do this work, you need to know some of the conditions for this. This method of laying tiles can only be used if the previous surface is strong and smooth. If part of the tile has fallen behind the floor, and some of the tiles are chipped, then this surface will no longer be able to serve as a basis for laying new tiles. In addition, you should tap each floor tile, and make sure that there are no voids under them. And only if all these conditions are met, you can be sure that the base for the new tile is strong.

Preparation should be thorough.

preparation for laying tiles

It is important that the tile base has the ability to adhere well to the adhesive applied to it. This ability is called adhesion. Since the tile on which the new layers will be laid is too smooth, its surface should be made rough. With the help of a grinder, you need to make notches on the old tile. This should be done approximately at a distance of 1-2 cm, and take into account that such work will be very dusty. It is important to remove all grease from the old tile. This should be done especially carefully in places where tile seams run. It is advisable to remove all the old grout mixture from them. After all these manipulations are performed, you need to thoroughly vacuum the entire surface. And only then apply a layer of “Betonokantakta” to the tile, wait for it to dry completely, and you can start laying new tiles on top of the old one.

Tools and accessories

Before you start laying ceramic tiles, you should prepare the tools that you may need. The list of necessary items is presented below.

tile laying tools

  • Rubber mallet
  • Trowel
  • Notched spatula
  • Scraper
  • Pencil or marker
  • Construction knife
  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Roulette
  • Level
  • Crosses for installing them between the seams.

Tile glue

Not every type of tile adhesive is suitable for this type of work. Many masters prefer x. It is best suited for working on surfaces that are complex. It is also desirable that this glue is intended for working with granite.

After the surface is prepared and all the tools are available, you can start laying new tiles. The first step is to implement the markup on which the tile will be laid. It often happens that the tile needs to be cut. So, these clipped tiles should be as little visible as possible. The ideal option is to trim the tiles by a third or half. Further laying of new tiles should be done in exactly the same way as if they were laid on a concrete base. If the technological features of this type of work are observed, the new tile laid on the old one will delight the owners of the apartment for many years.

Tile glue

The only thing you should think about is that it is easier to spend time and effort preparing for such work or still dismantle the old coating, without being afraid of the amount of garbage at the same time.