Removing the shower door, how to do it alone?

Shower cubicle probably installed in almost every apartment or house, coming to replace the usual bath. The demand for this device is due to its economic and ergonomic functions. Unfortunately, shower doors are fragile. And in some situations, it is necessary to replace the failed elements.  Having purchased new doors for a shower stall, the question arises, how can I remove the old doors to install new elements. Let’s take a closer look at this process.

Shower cabins have long been in our everyday life. Knowing how to disassemble them, you can always refuse the services of professional plumbers, if there is a need to repair the device or even disassemble it.

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Preparatory work for the removal of the shower door

Removing the shower door

No matter how modern and reliable the device is, sometimes there comes a time that requires a professional approach to dismantling. You may need to repair or plan to move, or you may just need to change the sealant.


Undoubtedly, in the process of collecting a complex technical device, some moments simply require competent assistance from the outside. But to disassemble — not to collect, it is quite possible to cope with this on your own. There is no need for any special tools.


Of all the tools that are useful for work, you will need:



-tool for removing sealant.

Before you begin to disassemble the shower, it should be washed, all the water drained, and then wipe the entire surface and other elements.


Replacing the shower door in the bathroom


Often in the bathroom-shower is too high humidity, resulting in black mold, plaque on the glass, and metal elements of the structure. The door loses its appearance, as well as overtime there is a backlash of hinges, the General looseness of the structure, which will eventually lead to the door breaking. In this case, you must replace the door with a new one.

Loosen the fastening of the shower door rollers

The instructions for assembling the cab help quite well in the process of dismantling. This document is included in the delivery package and drawings can give a detailed idea of how and what is connected. Accordingly, it will be much easier to work in reverse order. The main thing is to take your time, be careful and accurate.


First, you need to remove the door from the hinges, then the wall with glass, and finally-the the rails on the walls and on the floor. All elements of the structure, in addition to fixing to the wall with screws, are fixed with a silicone sealant.

the removal of the rails of the shower door

Before removing the old shower rails, you must cut through the silicone. You can do this with a regular layout knife.

Before you start to disassemble everything, you need to clean all the silicone seal. A special tool is used for this purpose. Of course, you can use a knife, but it can scratch the plastic.

Help! All the joints treated with the silicone removal compound must be disassembled in fifteen minutes. Otherwise, the product will wear out, and the work will have to be repeated.

removing old sealant in the shower

All elements of the old structure were removed, and it remains to prepare the surfaces for the new ones. First, you need to remove the remaining silicone with a knife.

Remove the silicone, wipe away mold and other dirt, eliminate irregularities.

The surface is prepared, you can start installing a new door. It is recommended to place the dismantled elements in a horizontal position so that they do not interfere.

Dismantling of the shower cabin doors is finished, you can start installing new elements.


Since the kit includes standard slats, you need to measure the opening or old shower door, and if necessary, cut the slats to the desired length. Secure the lower threshold with construction tape. This is done in order to finally try on and fit the design elements without screwing them. Be sure to align the vertical parts on the level, otherwise, the door will be installed at an angle. After marking, it is necessary to drill holes for fasteners and install dowels in them.

Install the doorpost. Verticality must again be observed.

Immediately after that, we installed a glass that closes the shower from the rest of the room. It was cut to our size. The glass is installed and secured with a fastener from the kit.


Install of the shower door

installation of a new shower door

The installation itself is quite simple, but it is more convenient when you do it with an assistant-the door is quite heavy.

Check whether it fits well into the opening, and fix it. It remains to screw the handles on the door — this is not difficult, just screw them to their seats.

After installing the door, we mount the upper profile of the structure, it increases the rigidity of the entire wall and does not allow it to become loose.

Sealing the shower cabin

So, the design is installed, there are two final details left.

Install a rubber seal from the kit under the glass walls and doors. For convenience, it is better to use an ordinary spatula and push the gum with it. However, you can do it with a screwdriver. In General, the technology is similar to installing plastic Windows.

screw the handles on the shower door

We seal all joints with silicone sealant. You need to miss everything that we have installed and everything that is adjacent to the floor or walls.


After you have squeezed out the silicone, you need to smear it a little, for convenience, it is best to use simple medical gloves — washing the silicone from your hands is not the most pleasant activity.

So, our new door with a wall installed. I hope everything worked out for you!