Why dream of changes in your home? The main thing to decide on the first step when repairing an apartment is to find professionals. Of course, it is possible to transform your living space yourself. First, you need to determine the amount of money that you are willing to spend on repairs and the approximate amount of work.

Will your budget be enough for a professional construction team that specializes in complex repairs of apartments and houses?

Will there be major or cosmetic repairs? Of course, the task is simplified many times when you are not limited in funds: you can hire a designer who will develop a project to change your living space, a team of professionals who will implement the designer’s ideas, and finally movers who will help move interfering furniture and remove construction debris. If your budget is limited, you can do it on your own by asking friends or relatives for help.

entrust the repair to professionals or do it yourself

You can simply update the Wallpaper, paint the walls, and so on. However, this will not replace a full-scale repair performed by a specialized company according to all the rules, in compliance with technology, and the use of modern construction and finishing materials. Your ideas will be invested in the transformation of Your space, and their implementation during the renovation of the apartment will be handled by an experienced designer and other specialists – a bricklayer, tiler, painter, plumber, electrician, and many other professionals with extensive experience.

If you still decide to repair the apartment yourself, then be prepared for the minimum necessary steps listed below.


main works for self-repair of an apartment

  • buy the necessary tools (brushes, rollers, screwdrivers, drill, level, screwdriver, etc.) and materials (Wallpaper, paint, moldings, screws, drywall, ceramic tile, etc.);
  • preparation of premises for repair: you need to temporarily make furniture, or as a variant – to cover it with a thick cloth or polythene.


  • to get rid of the old finishes (to remove old Wallpaper from the walls or ceiling, sanded the window frames and doors (unless you change them, of course), to remove or cover the floor covering, remove the electrical fittings, insulated wires, etc.);
  • close all the cracks in the walls and floor, prime all surfaces (for a better grip with building materials).

What is the best way to start repairs?


  • painting of Windows, doors, and radiators; whitewashing or construction of the ceiling structure: suspended, stretch, tile or Wallpaper pasting; wallpapering;
  • installation of linoleum, laminate, or carpet on the floor; replacement of plumbing; installation of lamps, sockets, and switches.


  • placement of furniture, accessories, and curtains.


I would like to note that after each of the above stages, a lot of garbage appears. It is easier to immediately throw it away to free up space than to accumulate it.

Whether you choose a major renovation or a cosmetic one, consider your options – both material and professional-before choosing a contractor. Whether you will hire specialists, or manage on your own – it’s up to you. It is unlikely that you can make a modern renovation with an exclusive interior in your apartment, using modern construction and finishing materials without knowledge of technology and in the absence of the necessary tools and experience. The choice is yours, but if in doubt, contact our specialists.