Shower cabin in the bathroom: 5 good recommendations

  • Steam showers are expensive compared to conventional ones. Taking into account the many advantages of steam showers, it is better to invest in them rather than visit the steam room of the gym.


How does a steam shower differ from a sauna?


Shower cabin with steam generator

Steam rooms and saunas are similar, as both heated rooms are used for relaxation and to relieve symptoms of certain diseases. However, there are differences between them. The steam room provides wet heat, not a sauna with dry heat.

  • The key difference is that while the steam rooms are filled with wet heat, the sauna provides dry heat from a wood-burning or electric stove.
  • The sauna is wood-paneled, and the stove heats the stones, which in turn radiates heat to the indoor area.
  • Sometimes there will be a small amount of steam in the room if the user puts water on hot rocks.
  • The temperature in the sauna is usually higher than in the steam room, about 160 to 200 ° F, and the humidity level is much lower – from 5 to 30 percent.
    If you have a steam shower, you should practice a few maintenance tips to make the shower work like new.


Tip 1-cleaning the steam shower generator

It is recommended to clean the steam shower generator once a month. A solution of warm water and dilute citric acid is best for cleaning the steam generator. Just leave the solution in the tank for 10-12 hours, and then turn on the heat, evaporating citric acid. Also, don’t forget to manually drain the valve attached to the steam generator.

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Tip 2-clean the glass door and tiles regularly

Unsurprisingly, the water leaves behind mineral deposits on the tile and glass door of the steam shower. You will notice this as the plaque will become visible on the tile and glass door, and it will become more noticeable with each steam shower you take. So if you don’t take it seriously, it will become harder to clean later. The rule is to quickly clean the glass door and tile after the last shower you take during the day.

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Tip 3-dry the bathroom

A humid environment is ideal for mold and mildew to grow and thrive. Therefore, every time you use a steam shower, leave the door open for a while, allowing your shower area to dry completely. It is recommended to purchase an exhaust fan next to the steam shower. After the bath, the exhaust fan can suck out steam, thereby facilitating the drying process in the steam shower.

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Tip 4-choose an automatic flushing system

If you don’t practice flushing the steam shower generator, minerals present in the water can lead to calcium deposits. As soon as salt deposits begin to form, the overall performance of the steam shower generator decreases, as the generator must make more effort to reach the desired temperature.

You can choose an automatic flushing system that flushes the generator after each steam bath cycle, keeping the generator free of mineral deposits. Therefore, if you cannot develop the habit of regularly flushing the steam generator, it is best to choose an automatic flushing system.

A steam shower or mini sauna for an apartment

Tip 5-choose a professional

Professional steam shower service is vital. Therefore, in addition to the above tips, it is advisable to call an authorized service provider and get a steam shower service. The cool fact is that if you seriously practice the above 4 tips, you won’t have to shell out more money to a professional.

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