An artistic work of art, like a photograph, brings a zest to an ordinary interior, an atmosphere of comfort, and often becomes the main element of the decor. It is important to choose the right canvas and place it well.

Fashionable paintings for the interior.

On the merits of artistic works

Correctly selected paintings will help transform boring walls and change the interior:

  • individual solutions make your home unique;
  • the artwork brings an emotional end to the design;
  • you can easily adjust the proportions of the living space with the help of pictures;
  • art canvases are able to combine design elements so that the interior gets a complete style.
    But do not abuse it, excessive paintings can turn an apartment into a failed Museum. When choosing, you should pay attention to the overall style, preferences of residents, and the purpose of the room.

    How to hang pictures in the interior

Tips for choosing

When choosing a picture, we recommend that you consider a number of tips:

  • Place canvases of the same style in the same room.
  • It is rational to use additional decor next to paintings.
  • To make the pictures look like a separate story, it is recommended to leave a small space between them.

Modular paintings in the interior

You should take into account the lighting, due to the sufficient amount of light, the colors of the art canvas look more natural. But direct sunlight should be avoided, they can ruin a work of art.

It is allowed to fasten the picture canvas in different ways:

  • standard mounting – using nails or self-tapping screws to the walls;
  • installation on shelves, fireplaces, racks, fireplaces, etc;
  • hanging attachment – using a fishing line, cable, hooks on metal rails fixed along the walls.

The options for decorating
You can arrange art canvases in rooms in different ways. It is easy to choose an individual style for each interior.

paintings in the interior

Single works – this arrangement will look advantageous if they are placed above the back of the sofa, at the head of the bed.

Horizontal alignment – more suitable for paintings in the form of modules or for paintings with a General theme. Canvases are trimmed along one edge: upper or lower.

Contrast – needed for small paintings with different color frames, they are placed on the dresser, table in the bedroom or living room.

Symmetrical layout-suitable for modular compositions or images of the same size. They are placed on one or more lines. This location is more suitable for images of nature, plants, and attractions.

Orderliness-suitable for several small canvases or a pair of medium or large size. With this arrangement, small images are fixed at the same level, larger ones are slightly higher.

Vertical mounting-this is how images of the same size are fixed one above the other.


If you have a design taste, you can group pictures, place them in overlapping positions, or create compositions.

Spatial separation. Each room has its own function and psycho-emotional mood and load. Therefore, you should carefully consider the choice of subjects of artistic works.

Distinguish between artistic images for:


  • kitchens;
  • bedrooms;
  • seating;
  • cabinet’s;
  • corridor’s;
  • childlike.

The paintings in the interior of the apartment luxury or design element


A person always strives for the best, tries to update and decorate the interior of their home. Even primitive people decorated their homes with various drawings. The principle and techniques of painting pictures are gradually changing, but the classics remain unchanged. Everyone can choose work to their liking!