Condos interior design, Top 5 of the most comfortable

Comfort is something that we can’t touch, but we can feel. For someone, it is reading a favorite book, sitting in an easy chair, and covered with a warm blanket. For some, comfort is a luxurious chandelier reflected in the suspended ceiling. For everyone, the understanding of the word “comfort” is different.

Next, we will present you some of the most stylish, but at the same time cozy interior styles of your condos.

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1st Place of Condos interior design-Provence in the interior

Romantic Provence for your condo

Inviting, harmonious, and indescribably cozy – these are the words to describe this style of interior.


Provence is a style of interior design that is well suited for the design of country houses and small apartments with a standard layout. It was born in France, in the town of Provence.

Perhaps one of the main distinctive features of the style is a delicate floral pattern on accessories, furniture, and sometimes on the walls. It is the flowers in pastel shades that create a certain “airiness”, “gallantry” to the style.

Style materials – wood, porcelain, brick, concrete. Materials of natural origin are usually used. Cotton, calico, and satin are the most popular fabrics to use.

Despite the fact that Provence is very cozy, it is also simple. It is characterized by certain minimalism.

The color scheme of Provence – from delicate pastel shades to warm, deep dark colors. In combination, they help to give the style a little romance, modesty, and elegance. Walls are usually plastered carelessly, roughly. Sometimes they are finished with white bricks, boards painted in pastel colors or tiles.

The floor covering is usually wooden boards or tiles. In no case can you use a modern floor design: parquet, laminate and so on!

Gentle Provence-comfort and magic

Provence bright colors and a cozy atmosphere

An excellent solution for a modern interior is a children’s room in the style of Provence

kitchen in the style of Provence really girly kitchen

2nd Place of Condos interior design -Country in the interior


The country in the interior of the house is a very relaxing style

Home, comfortable, lively style of interior, which has now become very popular.


The country in the interior of the house is very relaxed and does not require bright details from the owners, especially if they do not carry any functions.

Pastel, delicate colors, dark,” calm ” tones – the color scheme of country style. Basically, only natural, natural shades are used.

The materials of the style are also natural in origin. At the same time, the wood texture must be clearly visible! This is one of the unusual features of the style.

The floor can be not only made of natural materials, but also parquet, and even laminate, imitated for wood.

country style is a real cozy atmosphere

Country style is a real rustic style

Country style is associated with the relaxation and tranquility of a country house, where the atmosphere of peace reigns.

Country style-cozy like grandma’s


3rd Place of Condos interior design -Mediterranean style in the interior


In its own bright and juicy Mediterranean style

Sunny, elegant, and cozy – an accurate description of the style.


The color scheme can be either cold or warm.

Materials-wood, stone, forged elements, and others.

Arches, columns, lace – one of the main features of the style.

This style is characterized by an abundance of stripes, ceramics, and stone.

Interesting and always modern warm modern style

Light and relaxed Mediterranean style

Stripes and the sea are all about the Mediterranean style of the interior

Sunny and light Mediterranean interior


4th Place of Condos interior design – an interior style called Grunge

Aristocratic grunge style

Imitates an abandoned room, but this is what makes the style unique.


The walls are plastered very carelessly, imitating the shabbiness.

Extra accessories, congestion – this is not about the Grunge style.

The style is also characterized by natural materials-stone, wood, brick, and so on.

Natural color scheme-this This is what is most difficult when designing the interior of the house in the style of grunge. Warm, soft colors combined with deep, dark shades create an atmosphere of elegance.

Grunge style in interior design

Grunge style in the interior – elegant carelessness.

The grunge style in the interior is a classic in a modern manner

The grunge style in the interior is a unity of simplicity and solidity

5th Place of Condos interior design — Bionics in the interior

A very rare and unusual style of bionics brings to life the connection of mother nature with the latest innovations.

Bionics is a relatively new style in architecture and interior design. Its essence lies in the close connection between nature and new scientific and technological achievements. Urbanization, the rapid development of the construction market of materials and technologies, gave birth to a new, unusual style.

It combines modernity and environmental friendliness.


Lack of sharp shapes, clear lines, and symmetry.

The style is characterized by light shades, mostly white. Green tones are also used, but too bright colors are strictly forbidden!

The furniture is also streamlined, soft, and pleasant.

The bionic style in the interior is an opportunity for a modern person to get as close to nature as possible, to let it into the space of urban housing

Bionic style is a new direction in interior design, the motives of which are flashed in fantastic films and paintings of modernists.

Bionics in the interior-style combined with comfort and fantasy

Bionics-an unusual interior style