First, you need to think about the layout of the room, as well as its environment. It is important to determine exactly the type of bathroom, i.e. whether it will be a combined or separate bathroom. After the issue of finishing is resolved, you can think about what furniture sets should be purchased to fill the room. And also, which of the decorative elements is most suitable. Fortunately, there are a huge number of plumbing companies in the world market. Recently, a manufacturer such as Ledeme has been quite popular. The entire range of products of this company meets all international standards, and the corresponding certificates speak about the quality level. Moreover, this brand for a relatively short time began to occupy a significant place in the niche of interior design.

Glass sink – a new trend?

In addition to meeting the above standards, an important factor is the current fashion trend in the interior design section and compliance with the latest technologies and developments. After all, as you know, stylistics tend to change under the influence of time. But what is most shocking is what unusual materials are used for this or that type of product. Very often we see objects that are familiar to us in a completely new design. So, for example, a revelation for many was made of glass sink.

glass sink in the bathroom

Indeed, this piece of the interior looks somewhat unusual, but it attracts the attention of many designers. Immediately there is a question about the safety of such an innovation, but we assure you that there is nothing dangerous in this subject. The glass that is used to create sinks is heavy-duty and at the same time resistant to external influences. It is not afraid of temperature changes, as well as falling household items, in addition, it is not exposed to chemicals. In addition to all the above advantages, it is worth mentioning that glass is an environmentally friendly material, and it will not cause any harm to others. The system of its processing is so perfect that the edges are perfectly smooth and there are no sharp corners that could, in one way or another, harm someone from the family.

It is very important to mention that this type of material provides a huge opportunity for color solutions and a variety of forms. First, a few words about color. You can use any of the color spectrum: pure or mixed. Also relevant is the color scheme in the form of a mix of several colors. In addition to the usual and familiar colors, it is worth mentioning the possibility of creating absolutely incredible interior items. Such a shell can sparkle with gold or shimmer with silver, in any case, such a creation will be akin to a work of art.

glass sink installation features

Also, thanks to modern achievements in the world of printing, it is possible to apply various patterns and even photos, all this directly depends on the design and your imagination. In addition to drawings, you can create a specific texture. Inside the glass are placed various sequins, beads, stones, and much more. This sink can be either smooth glossy or matte. The shape of such products is simply striking in its uniqueness. These can be simple geometric shapes, outlandish forms in the form of a flower or leaf, as well as many other forms that only the imagination can imagine.

In addition to the shape, there are a large number of options for attaching a glass sink. You can not hide such beautiful items in niches and cabinets. Therefore, in most cases, designers offer frames made of various metal pipes, as well as interesting stands. They can combine useful functions, such as towel holders, and also have a certain number of shelves. In addition to the addition in the form of a holder or Cabinet under the sink, it is worth mentioning such elements as mirrors, lampshades, mats, and much more. Often in stores, such items are arranged in sets, but sometimes they can be sold separately. Ideally, you need to purchase elements in the same color and shade, then all the interior items will help create the perfect ensemble.

In order for such a sink to become a true decoration of your home, you should place it on a stand of contrasting color, or just white, then it will play quite differently in the light of lamps. Be sure that the purchase of such an interior item will make your bathroom very beautiful and harmoniously equipped. Also, given that this is a novelty and a trend in the world of design, your friends will be pleasantly surprised. And you will enjoy an interesting and pleasant design and the care shown for them.

Features of glass sinks


Are there any disadvantages to a glass sink

Among the main advantages are the following:
Aesthetics. Equipment made of glass gives airiness and visually increases the room;
Strength. It is a mistake to assume that glass samples are fragile and crack quickly. This is only possible with low-quality products and in violation of the rules of operation of the equipment;
Excellent performance characteristics. There is no enamel on the glass washbasins, so there is no need to be afraid of damage to the surface. Small scratches are easily removed by polishing;
Low weight. Unlike faience analogs, glass samples have a small weight. This greatly simplifies the installation process;
Large selection of models. Glass is a versatile material that can take any shape and color.
However. along with the advantages, glass washbasins have a number of disadvantages. First, the high cost of manufacturing products affects the price of plumbing.

Do not buy cheap options, because it is likely to buy a sample not made of tempered glass. Such samples have a short service life and are unstable to mechanical damage. Secondly, the plumbing of glass requires special care. To wash the sink, you need to use special detergents. Third, many people are not satisfied with the transparency of the sink, because all communications are visible. You can solve this problem by installing the product on the countertop.