The arrangement of the premises fully reflects the measured prosperous life of English aristocrats. The main features of the interior are restraint, respectability, and prudery. The furniture in the house looks good and practical. All the property was brought from the colonies-India, Australia, America, and Africa. Antique furniture made from natural materials, dishes, the decor were carefully stored and passed down by inheritance. The room does not provide for the installation of the latest household appliances, any modern devices designed to perform household functions.

Rules for interior design:

– mandatory zoning of all living rooms;

– Windows are made of small sizes, stained glass windows are often used;

– only natural materials are used – wood, stone, textiles;

– in an apartment, library, or living room, you must have a fireplace;

– for soft, dim lighting, several types of lighting devices are installed in each room (sconces, floor lamps, table lamps);

– possible layout in small rooms provides for a symmetrical arrangement of furniture items, taking into account the maximum use of available space;

– textiles for upholstery and curtains should only be natural. Fabrics can be plain, checkered, striped, or with images of small plants and flowers;

– photos of family members and interesting episodes from their lives are used as decoration. Portraits, landscape paintings, and mirrors inexpensive frames are placed on the walls. Vases and statuettes are placed on the shelves.

The main colors of the style are considered – brown, beige, terracotta, and dark green tones. Rooms with South-facing Windows are decorated with light gray and beige finishes. In the North, the interior lining is made of chocolate and dark green.

Bedroom design in the English style

The design of the walls

Natural wood panels, paper Wallpaper, and water-based paints are used in the room. Coatings can be combined. At the bottom, half or one-third of the partitions are lined with oak or walnut panels. The remaining upper part of the wall is painted with a lighter, monochrome paint. Sections are divided horizontally by moldings. Paper Wallpaper for low rooms is recommended to choose a vertical stripe that visually increases the height of the ceilings. The spacious rooms are decorated with exquisite, ornate patterns and ornaments.

Ceilings are whitewashed or painted with water-based white paints. If desired, you can leave the load-bearing beams or specially install wooden boards at the top. The material must be sanded, treated with a colorless water-based varnish or paint that matches the color of the walls or ceiling. The perimeter is laid with fancy stucco that matches the color of the interior decoration. If the interior allows, Golden stripes and inclusions are added.

Floors are made of expensive parquet or polished boards. In modern repairs, substitutes are used – engineering Board, laminate with various patterns and shades, ceramic tiles with a surface that imitates natural stone. In living rooms, a large carpet with ethnic ornaments of countries that were former English colonies is placed on the floor.

English style in the interior

Used furniture

English-style headsets are not used. Each individual Cabinet, chest of drawers, shelves, and nightstands are made of oak, mahogany, or less expensive walnut. Small sections of stained glass are usually inserted into the doors. They look attractive and elegant. Patterns, stripes, and a cage on the furniture upholstery should be combined with the image on the Wallpaper. Rounded armrests, legs on chairs, and chairs can be made of light or dark wood. There is a sense of peace and comfort in the room.

Lighting design

English style in the interior of apartments and houses1

In large rooms, divided into zones intended for reading, evening tea, and needlework, separate lighting devices are placed. Floor lamps are placed near chairs and sofas, wall sconces and antique lamps are attached. If the room has high ceilings, hang a Central crystal or glass chandelier with pendants. Small lamps are placed on the bedside tables in the bedroom. The dressing table is illuminated by a sconce that is attached to the wall at the desired level. Chandeliers on the ceiling are used of medium size with two or three horns. In the spacious dining room, several identical chandeliers with wrought-iron elements are hung in a row in the center. In the kitchen, lamps are needed above the work table and hob.

Required fabrics

Velvet, silk, and linen are used for curtains and Drapes. Fabric cloths with attached weights are attached to the eaves, for even distribution in beautiful waves. Pillowcases for sofa pillows of various sizes are sewn from chintz in stripes and a cage. The needlework table is covered with a linen tablecloth with lace or embroidery.

English style in the interior of apartments and houses

The furniture is decorated with porcelain figurines, vases, and candlesticks placed on shelves and chests of drawers. Collections of dolls in various ethnic clothes, the fashion for which began in the Victorian era, are displayed.

The house is decorated in the English style, calm and cozy. Strong walls protect it from the external stresses of modern life. The interior is suitable for people who work in a home environment, who need an office and a large library. When arranging an apartment in the English style, you can only arrange an office, for the rest of the rooms children’s, living room, and bedroom, choose a brighter finish with different colors and the latest household appliances.