An interior designer is a person who helps to create an aesthetically attractive project for the future premises, aimed at improving the living conditions of the customer and his family in compliance with the technical requirements for the premises. Interior design is an essential component for carrying out repairs.

When performing apartment repairs, you should listen to the recommendations of the interior designer. In addition to giving the house aesthetics and functionality, it will be able to organize housing exactly the way you need it. With the help of design techniques, you will be able to transform an uncomfortable, dark apartment into a spacious, shining Palace. A 3D visualization will allow you to see the future room before the start of repair work.

You ask: where can I find an interior designer? Any major repair and construction company has full-time designers, whose work can be viewed on the company’s website. There are also independent interior designers, but in this case, you should understand that there may be questions about consistency between the designer and the repair team. This can happen for several reasons: both sides are not worked out, or the designer wants to implement such alterations that contradict the technical requirements. There may be other reasons, but today is not about that, but everything can turn out great.

Designer-will make your home cozy and tasteful

Tips from the designer


Here are some practical tips:

  • furniture should be chosen both beautiful And comfortable at the same time. For example, shaky uncomfortable tables and high chairs are not suitable for relaxing after a meal.
  • Soft sofas will be appropriate in the living room.
  • Having decorated the Windows with beautiful curtains, you can create a pleasant atmosphere even on a Sunny Afternoon, which, of course, will be appreciated by your guests.
  • If your room still seems uninhabited after placing the furniture, fill the free space with beautiful decorative items.
  • The floor can be covered with parquet or throw a carpet on it, it is only important that the environment you create does not seem disjointed.
  • The interior should be harmonious, cozy, and comfortable.

Interior designer-a profession of the present and future


The entrance hall is the first place in the house that affects the guest’s imagination. Designers recommend repairing the apartment in this part of it with the use of light colors, which will visually make the room more cozy and spacious.

Dark blue and black are taboo. Do not choose bulky furniture for the hallway, even if it is extremely cute to you. It will be very beautiful, but most likely there will be absolutely no free space left in it.

Experts recommend compact, light furniture in light shades for the hallway. Well, if it will be in harmony with the floor covering and Wallpaper. There must be at least one mirror in this room. The walls of the hallway should be decorated with interesting elements, for example, small paintings, flowers, etc.

Choosing a color scheme with the designer


Visitors can move smoothly from the entrance hall to the living room, kitchen, or dining room. This arrangement of rooms is recommended by famous interior designers. Combining these rooms into one group is due to the fact that they have something in common. So, in the kitchen food is prepared, in the dining room, it is eaten, in the living room they relax after a meal.

I must say that in modern urban housing it is difficult to distinguish three such rooms, so we can often observe a kind of symbiosis, say, dining room and kitchen, or living room and dining room. If the apartment has a large room, it can be divided into screens, partitions, etc.

It is necessary that the hostess has everything at hand in the kitchen and she does not have to run kilometers to fry eggs. The hybrid living room and dining room should be decorated in a more decorative version since this room is designed for casual conversations and relaxation.