Why is air conditioning icing up?

Air conditioning is a convenient climate device that creates a comfortable temperature in the house in the hot season. However, during the operation of the air conditioner, many owners often have to deal with various technical failures, one of which is a “symptom” of freezing of the outdoor or indoor unit.

In this article, we will look at the reasons for the formation of ice on the internal or external unit of the air conditioner, how to solve the problem.

The reasons why the air conditioner freezes may be different. They are often associated with the incorrect operation of the device or illiterate installation. But there are cases when the ice on the split system is not considered a failure.

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Why is the air conditioning icing up and covered in frost and ice?


Why the air conditioner freeze? What to do?

There are many reasons for the appearance of frost and ice on various parts of the air conditioner, and not all of them indicate the presence of malfunctions.

When freezing of the air conditioner is not a failure:

If the evaporator is strongly cooled on a hot day, a layer of light frost may appear on the evaporator. This sign is not a cause for concern.
When the external unit is thawed, when the air conditioner is running on heating, a small amount of ice may form, which is also not a reason to call a specialist.

Reasons why the indoor unit of the air conditioner freezes


the icing of the indoor unit of the air conditioner

There are two situations in which the room unit freezes, and this is not considered a malfunction:

The device is set to maximum cooling: a small layer of frost appears when the system is running in intense heat. This ice will thaw during the holidays.
The outdoor unit of the air conditioner thaws in winter after a prolonged operation in the “Heating” mode. The indoor unit is turned on for cooling, but the fan does not function. The device will be covered with a small layer of frost, which disappears when you turn on the heating mode.

If the ice appeared under different circumstances, we can talk about the following faults.

Heavy pollution

Due to clogged filters, cold air cannot be released freely, which leads to icing. You need to wash the device so that it starts working correctly. You should clean the filters regularly. You can even do this with a vacuum cleaner.

Lack of freon

When there is a lack of freon in the system, the indoor unit is covered with frost. The problem is solved by calling specialists from the service center.

Installing an indoor unit with a violation

If the device is hanging in a niche, behind curtains and other obstacles, this can also lead to icing. This requires reinstalling.

Incorrect evacuation

If moisture remains in the system, it can also cause the inside of the body to become covered with ice. The problem can be solved, again, by specialists from the service center.


Ice formation on the external air conditioner unit

elimination of air conditioner breakdowns when combining

Ice can also form on the parts of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, which usually occurs more often when the equipment is working on heating. Let’s look at what malfunctions cause this alarming “symptom” and how to solve the identified problem.

Causes of ice on the outdoor module:

Contamination of the fan and heat exchanger with street dust and debris. The device owner can fix the problem if there is free access to the outdoor module. To do this, clean the contaminated parts using a high-pressure washer or a jet of clean water.
Moisture got inside the device and caused the thin tube to freeze, which is why it is covered with ice. This problem, in turn, leads to difficulties in the movement of the refrigerant, and as a result, the entire outdoor unit freezes.
For normal operation of the air conditioner at low temperatures, a smaller amount of refrigerant is required, and if the freon is in excess in the system, freezing occurs. The problem is resolved by removing a small amount of freon. This work is performed by experienced craftsmen.
The outdoor unit of the air conditioner also freezes if it is used for heating when the outside air temperature is lower than specified in the user’s instructions.

how to eliminate air conditioner icing

What to do to stop the air conditioner from freezing


If ice is detected on the indoor or outdoor unit of the air conditioner, disconnect the device from the power supply and wait for it to thaw completely. After that, the internal parts are inspected to determine the exact cause of the malfunction.

If freezing occurs due to contamination of internal parts, the owner can clean them using water, soap solution, and a soft cloth.
Not everyone is able to independently understand the device of climate equipment to determine the exact cause of the problem. To solve any problem with an air conditioner malfunction, experienced specialists from the service center will help you, who accept requests for repair and maintenance of split systems all year round.